Film Review: God of Gamblers

God of Gamblers is an amazing combination of drama, action, and comedy that dates back to 1989. The movie is based on an excellent gambler who loses his memory and then later acquires the company of a superb street hustler who eventually finds out his magical gambling skills. The movie gained the attention of a vast audience across the globe.

At the start, Chow Yun-Fat appears to be an interesting character who plays the role of a fascinating player. Not only does he know the tricks to threaten his rivals with just a gaze but he comes up with brilliant skills. The male lead plays a character of a person who wears luxurious outfits.

The movie takes a good turn when Chow loses his memory and behaves like a kid who always craves chocolates. Chow Yun-Fat, as always, has given an impressive performance in the movie. However, it is not only Chow who proved to be experienced. Andy Lau also makes his best possible efforts to nail it.

Plot of the movie “God of Gamblers”
Chow Yun-Fat is considered to be the God of gamblers because of his exceptional and supernatural skills in gambling. It is all due to his ability to count cards and hear the sound of dices rolling which made people honour him with the name ‘God of Gamblers’.

Once a Japanese gambler invites him to play opposite a gangster and a renowned gambler named Chan. But, before he could join the game, he gets into a nasty childish trap all organised by none other than Andy Lau, playing the character of a street punk called Knife. As soon as he gets caught into the trap, his head gets hit, causing a severe injury which results in his memory loss. When Chow Yun-Fat aka Ko gets back to a conscious state, he forgets everything and has nothing left but the ability of a small child with an age of 10 years or less.

On the other hand, Knife tries his level best to earn a significant income being an amateur gambler and live happily with his girlfriend. Knife is the person who befriends Ko and assists him all throughout his dark days. While he helps Ko to regain his lost memory and get back to his normal life, he finds out that Ko was called as the ‘Master of Gamblers’. Greedy Knife finally decided to take advantage for his partner. However, by this time, the gangsters who want Ko dead are successful in their mission. Though he is a dim-witted person who has nothing but love for chocolates and some sense of humour, he manages to save his life from the gangsters.

The movie seems to be appealing specifically for all the gamblers out there. You can expect emotional scenes, action, drama, and even humour. Overall, it is worth watching the movie, if you haven’t already.

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