Film Review: Deadpool (15)

Our film reviewer Ali Bianchi takes a look at Marvel’s latest offering, superhero action comedy Deadpool. 

At the time of writing, Deadpool is making a lot of money. So much so, that it seems studios are now scrambling to slap a 15-rating on any comic book film they can. Deadpool is less of a sly wink, and more a full frontal assault on comic book films. Wade Wilson is an ex-marine who, in order to stop the spread of cancer in his body, undergoes major treatment which ends up giving him super powers – powers he uses, kind of, for good. Essentially a foul-mouthed Wolverine, he doesn’t give a damn about being the hero, he follows his own rules, and his inability to be killed means that dramatic tension is scarce in the fight scenes and the film isn’t quite as subversive as it would like to think. Yes, it’s far more bloody than your average Marvel affair, and the language is fruity enough to make Captain America cut off his ears, but it lacks the courage to really take it off the rails.
It’s a shame because in other ways, it’s full of imagination. The opening car crash scene is gleefully and hilariously violent, the fourth-wall breaking and snide remarks are often very funny (albeit benefiting from the old “throw everything and something will stick” strategy), and the relationship between Wade and his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is nicely played. It certainly redeems Ryan Reynolds’ superhero credentials, but as far as being a deconstruction of the superhero genre, it’s half-baked and, as such, half the fun it could have been.
Rated: 3/5

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