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Crime: Hong Kong Style

From suspense filled thrillers to gangster blockbusters, the new Crime: Hong Kong style film season running at the Showroom from March-April this year promises to electrify and entertain its audience.

Breaking the stereotyped image of triad gang members giving battle in poorly lit Kowloon alleyways, machetes flying left right and centre, this collection of works intends to educate on one of global cinema’s most enduring genres. The season aims to display Hong Kong filmmaker’s influence in this field, including definitive works such as Internal Affairs as well as cult classics like Jackie Chan’s Police Story. Even slapstick comedies such as John Woo’s 1977 Pilferers’ Progress are being shown, and offer a lighter accompaniment to the dark noir-tinged whodunits that haunt and thrill its audience. With premieres of Dante Lam’s That Demon Within and the legendary Ringo Lam’s Wild City, we can see how the new releases from some of the world’s most revered and stylish directors in this sector emulate the classics while keeping the genre fresh for newcomers.

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