Best Throwback Films on Netflix

Because sometimes the oldies are the best. Amelia Lancaster gives her pick of top-notch nostalgic offerings on Netflix…

Drop Dead Fred
An erratic stab at making madness sensible, Drop Dead Fred is no comedy phenomenon but a film many millennials watched growing up as it took on cult status. Dealing with far more darker and interesting issues than just irritating imaginary friends, Drop Dead Fred is worth a re-watch – even if just to pay homage to Rik Mayall.

Kevin and Perry Go Large
English Beavis and Butthead Kevin & Perry set out on a Spanish adventure to lose their virginity after winning a sizeable cash reward for stopping a bank robbery (we all know how). Full of disgusting gags and belly laughs, this is one of those movies you can kick back and switch off too.

Requiem For A Dream
A wild ride of insanity and chaos, Requiem is a beautifully made depiction of the impact addiction has on our minds and lives. A disturbing take on hitting rock bottom, the 2001 drama has dark funny moments, beautiful cinematography and deeply tragic characters that may leave you wondering why you even watched it again.

Dazed and Confused
Worth re-watching just to see McConaughey’s sleazy moustache and bleach blonde hair. A world away from his more serious recent roles, Dazed and Confused is a snapshot of youth culture in 1976 and the activities of a group of high schoolers as they celebrate the arrival of summer. A stoner coming-of-age comedy that explores freedom and doesn’t conform to high school movie clichés.

Rear Window
A crime of passion, filmed in a way that audiences had never seen before, this Hitchcock classic stays true to his master of suspense title. James Stewart and Grace Kelly star in this uber-tense 1954  masterpiece of ‘peeping toms’ and obsessive voyeurism. A jaunty experience that will leave you thinking of the film for a long time afterwards, more exciting than some more recent films under the ‘thriller’ tag.

The Craft
Four misfit best friends join forces in the practise of black magic in this grungy 90s chick-flick. Connected to the higher power, the girls use witchcraft to rock and rule their high school. Another teen movie with a twist, this film explores human fantasy and girl power.

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