Liberty Ship release new single for Weston Park Cancer Trust

The Liberty Ship lads are back with a fresh slice of South Yorkshire rock and roll, ‘Do That Thing’, with all proceeds going directly to Weston Park Cancer Charity. 

We managed to grab an exclusive listen of the track before its release on December 7 and caught with the band’s guitarist Jack Eddison for a quick natter.


Eh up Jack. Could you give us a little bit of background info on your new single?
‘Do That Thing’ has been in our archives for some time and after our last single we felt like now was the right time to put it out there.

You’ve not long finished a support tour. How did that treat you?
The tour with Two Birds was great. We had some really memorable gigs on this tour, especially the hometown show where there was 500 people going mad. Was fuckin’ mega.

You’ve chosen to support Weston Park Cancer Charity with this release. Is there a particular reason behind this? 
Cancer is the biggest twat humanity has ever had to face. It’s an even bigger twat than Donald Trump! You can’t speak to anyone that doesn’t know someone or have suffered themselves because of cancer. Lewis recently lost a close friend to it, and a big supporter of our band, Sarah Nulty, also lost her battle this summer. Weston Park is incredible in every way. The support they provide for us and our loved ones in our lowest times is second to none. We wanted to try and show some support to them and raise as much as we can on the run-up to Christmas as a thank you for everything they do.

The band celebrated ten years of Liberty Ship earlier this year. Did that feel like a monumental milestone for you?
Yes and no in a way. We’re constantly evolving as a band and our new songs we’re writing are different to anything we’ve done before, so it was nice to wrap up those ten years there and move into our next phase. It just doesn’t feel like ten years at all, more like two.

“Cancer is the biggest twat humanity has ever had to face. It’s an even bigger twat than Donald Trump!”

Will there be a video to go alongside ‘Do That Thing’?
Oh aye, ready and waiting! We worked with the guys at Make Noise Studios for this video and they’ve done a fantastic job.

Finally, is there anything on the upcoming horizon for Liberty Ship?
We’re back in the studio in January and plan to kick everyone in the bollocks with a new EP early next year. No one is safe.

Do That Thing is released on December 7 and available through Bandcamp.

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