Interview: Warm Salmon

We had a chat with one of the newest arrivals on the Sheffield music scene

I like the name, very interesting and I feel like there is a story behind it, care to elaborate?
We’re glad you like it. Essentially it was a joke we couldn’t shake off. A friend of ours suggested it initially, but the more we tried to think of a different name, the more it became obvious that we were stuck as Warm Salmon. It’s got a soothing feel to it though…


Tell us a bit about how the band was formed and what you hope to achieve in your first year.
To be honest we formed by me starting a group chat with the question ‘band?’  in it. I’d done stuff with Tom and Dom separately before, and my girlfriend Hannah pointed out that it made more sense for us to just join musical forces. So that’s what we did when Tom became free after being kicked out of his last band for being too tall. We hope to release a few songs into the world and build a close-knit community of friends and fans to enjoy good times and music.

So far, you don’t have anything released, so what can we expect from your music?
Complete tranquillity and an unrelenting feeling of inner-warmth, perfect for chilly days in your jumper or sunny strolls by a stream.


Who would you say are your main influences?
Inspiration wise I think we’re all slightly different really, I’d say my main influences are the classic bands and songwriters of our parent’s era, Queen, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and some more folky stuff like Neutral Milk Hotel, whereas Dom drinks whiskey like Jim Morrison and Tom exclusively listens to ABBA. It’s fair to say that Tom’s taste hasn’t exactly filtered into our music though.


You are fairly new on the music scene, how do you plan to go about getting your name out there?
I think nowadays the main way to do it is through social media, but we just want to let the songs do the talking for us really. “Unfortunately, Jake is moving to New Zealand soon, so we’re going to really push our online presence and Merch rather than do gigs for the near future.” – Dom

What do you think of the Sheffield music scene?
There’s obviously been some great artists that have come out of the steel city, and they’re lyrics are plastered on every bar wall. We’re all Arctic Monkeys fans, and it’s difficult to not enjoy the likes of Richard Hawley and Pulp, so we’re in good company. The underground music scene is Sheffield is great too, there are so many awesome bands as well as people working very hard behind the scenes who never get enough credit. As a city that feels so small it’s awesome to see such a buzz of culture.


Would you say living in Sheffield has influenced your music at all?
To be honest, although we like some of the music that’s come from Sheffield, I can’t say it’s had much influence on what we’re making. Sheffield mostly seems to be just indie rock bands, and I don’t think we really fit into that category. We also actively try to avoid sounding like other bands, it just feels better and more natural to try and be original. Anyway, here’s smells like you’d look good on the wonderwall.


Any hints as to when your first single will be released?
We’re hoping sooner rather than later. Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll find out.

Keep an eye on Warm Salmon’s social media for more info regarding their debut single:

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