REVIEW: Worms Battlegrounds

Although the formula for Worms has never really changed, it still stands as one of the most entertaining and unique franchises within the industry. Worms Battlegrounds changes a few things here and there, but it’s ultimately a solid game with some very nice multiplayer features.

This time around, you’re treated to a storyline. What’s that, you say? – “A storyline in Worms?! Is there such a thing!?” Well, apparently so… but it’s a bit pants and isn’t really needed whatsoever. It’s as if Team 17 decided to add a storyline to give the game more depth, but this game would be just fine without one. If you really want to know, the game takes place in a world history museum, in which someone known as Lord Crowley-Mesmser is trying to take over the museum, making it your mission to stop him. Yep…

The story mode will get you into the swing of things with a total of 25 missions to carry out, but instead of simply killing each worm as you would in a normal game of worm warfare, you must fulfil certain objectives such as reaching a particular location without dying on the way there or defeating a certain worm in order to unlock more of a level. There’s also plenty of puzzles along the way to keep you busy – all of these features make for a nice addition as it mixes worm murder with a sense of purpose in doing so.

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A close-up bazooka blast isn’t the best idea.

Visually, it’s typical Worms but with a revamp on certain textures and colours, which helps bring the game into this generation of eye-popping graphics and such. If you’re worried things have changed too much – don’t. Everything plays exactly like “classic worms” but with a modern touch. Much like recent previous instalments, there are different worm classes, including scientist, scout, heavy and soldier – each has their own strengths and weaknesses except the soldier, which is a well-balanced worm, however the scientist can give nearby teammates five health points, but takes more damage as opposed to other classes. The heavy is slow and can’t jump very far, yet it can cause more damage with melee weapons as it can pack more of a punch, quite literally.

Enemy AI are generally stupid to put it bluntly, even during the later levels, they will often skip their turn even though they could easily dispose of you as they’re standing right next to you. It makes life easier if you just want to get through the single player without any sense of challenge, but you lose any feeling of accomplishment as the whole game is way too easy. It’s best to look at the single player as a big tutorial which prepares you for the real reason to play Worms Battlegrounds – the multiplayer.

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As ever, many weapons and useful items are at your disposal.

As well as local multiplayer, Worms Battlegrounds offers an online arena to battle it out, including a clan system, statistics and both ranked and friendly matches. This is where you will be able to shine the most or lose horribly using favourites such as the holy hand grenade, banana bomb and exploding sheep, among others. Two gametypes are available – deathmatch and fort, which are essentially the same thing, however fort gives each player a base to defend whilst fighting each other. Hours and hours of fun is to be had, especially with the map editor, which allow you to take your own creations to the virtual battlefield. Exploring other peoples custom maps is heavily advised as some are quite outstanding, evidently showing people have put a lot of time and effort into these creations.

A must-have for any gamer, Worms Battlegrounds is a perfect pick up and play game with lots of content to get through as well as endless battles with fellow worms. It’s also free right now on the Xbox One via Games With Gold – go get it.

Rating: 8/10

Available On: PS4 / Xbox One

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