What is the Definition of a Non-GamStop Sportsbook?

In the eyes of most sports bettors in the UK, an online sportsbook is an online sportsbook. Of course, the type of online sportsbook an operator is operating might matter in ways that might not be readily evident.

The titled question asks, “What is the definition of a Non-GamStop sportsbook?” You can find a more detailed answer here NonGamstopCasinos.net

Before answering that question, it would seem prudent to first discuss what the term “GamStop” is all about. We will do that in the following section.

What is GamStop?

In an effort to protect online gamblers who might fall victim to gambling addiction, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) co-created the GamStop self-exclusion program. This was done in 2018. The purpose of this program has been to give online gamblers in the UK a viable way to seek help with a potential online gambling problem. In 2020, the UKGC deemed the program so important that they started mandating that all licensed online gambling site operators in the UK subscribed to the GamStop scheme.

Essentially, all licensed UK online gambling operators must subscribe to the program or risk huge fines and the possible stripping of their operating licences. Most operators compiled but even today, there are quite a few operators that have not yet subscribed to GamStop and paid the membership fee.

FYI: GamStop is a voluntary program that allows gamblers to register for self-exclusion from all licensed UK online gambling sites. With one GamStop registration, the intent is the self-exclusion would be all-inclusive of the entire UK online gambling community.

As part of the process, gamblers need to provide certain pieces of personal information. This is the information that the GamStop database will use to identify registered gamblers and subsequently block their online gambling access. Gamblers also need to self-determine the length of their self-exclusion with the choices being 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

For the most part, the program works. However, it’s only applicable to UK online gambling sites that have complied with the UKGC’s GamStop mandate. Those sites that do not comply would be considered non-GamStop gambling operators.

What is the Definition of a Non-GamStop Sportsbook?

Simply put, the definition of a non-GamStop sportsbook is a sportsbook where the operators have decided to not comply with the UKGC’s GamStop mandate. They don’t check for a sports bettor’s GamStop status nor do they even have access to the GamStop database, the access they would need to check a sports bettor’s status.

By the way, here is a sportsbook review website where someone could go to find NonGamStopOdds sports betting sites that aren’t blocked by GamStop.

You might wonder why sportsbook operators in the UK might want to avoid getting a licence to operate and subsequently avoid GamStop membership.

Of course, there are a few rogue operators that simply avoid following rules. These sites are to be avoided at all costs. The more logical reason why sportsbook operators might want to avoid licensing and or GamStop membership would be money. They can’t afford to pay the fees because of the size of their operations. That is the only reasonable explanation given the risk they face if they were to be caught by the UKGC while not complying.

How UK Online Sports Bettors Can Benefit from Selectioning a Non-GamStop Sportsbook

Of course, UK online sports bettors have plenty of sportsbooks from which to choose unless they are currently being excluded by the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. If they are excluded, their choices would be limited to:

  • Taking their online sports betting activities to websites operating out of other countries
  • Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as an account funding option to avoid scrutiny (crypto transactions are anonymous)
  • Accepting self-exclusion from online sites while using retail gambling locations
  • Using accounts listed under the names and identities of friends or relatives
  • Using non-GamStop operators that operate out of the UK

The non-GamStop sportsbook option is a good one for a few reasons. First, some UK sports bettors simply prefer to give their sports betting business to UK operators. It’s kind of a loyalty thing.

Second, non-GamStop sportsbooks tend to be a bit more generous with their services. They tend to offer a larger menu of betting markets and often get more aggressive with their bonus offers.

Finally, non-GamStop operators are well aware of the fact that some GamStop blocked gamblers will have a change of heart. When they do have a change of heart, they will go in search of a viable alternative that gets them around the GamStop scheme. If that alternative is a safe and reputable sportsbook in the UK, it’s all good. This is exactly why a lot of non-GamStop sportsbooks will actually find ways to market directly to GamStop sports bettors, knowing they are looking for viable sports betting alternatives.

To be very clear, most non-GamStop sportsbooks operating in the UK are quite safe and reputable. However, it is the responsibility of each and every online sports bettor to do their research and make sure they find the operators that will best serve their needs.

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