REVIEW: Rex Rocket

Considering the amount of games based on retro ideologies making themselves a success recently, Rex Rocket sits comfortably in that realm, as it should.

Originally starting out as a Kickstarter project, much like these types of games do, it eventually made its way through to the Steam Greenlight initiative, proving itself as a nice little game that deserves your attention.

It takes clear influence older titles such as Mega Man and Metroid, promoting 2D gameplay with tons of enemies that will truly test your skills, complete with platforming elements that are often tricky to maneuver, making for challenging but fair gameplay.


Pew pew pew.

There are 100 levels to be exact, which will keep the most seasoned gamer occupied, even if it’s to go back to collect the ‘Info Nodes’ scattered around, which are essentially there to provide further glimpses into the storyline and such – a must for all completionists.

Visually, Rex Rocket has that specific pixel-art style which will attract most retro gamers as well as general gamers alike as it’s just nice to look at with its vibrancy and characteristic atmosphere.  The soundtrack is massively retro thanks to chiptune artist, Saskrotch, taking you a trip down memory lane when most games sounded like that. It’s all very nostalgic and aids the style of gameplay perfectly.


Slimes are just one of many pesky enemy types in Rex Rocket.

Occasionally, you’ll come across the minor puzzle here and there, but nothing too difficult to solve. It feels these have been added to force some depth, but it’s really not needed as the core gameplay stands on its own, anyway.

Boss battles will award you with upgrades and better weapons, giving you more reason to defeat them despite the high difficulty. Overall, a game that takes full advantage of retro ideas that works very well.

Rating: 7.5/10

Available On: Windows PC

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