REVIEW: Titanfall

Relying entirely on multiplayer gametypes, Titanfall manages to keep your interest long enough to appreciate its pretty visuals and the novelty of massive Titans, but the whole effect soon wears off.

Although everything you do in this game is with other people except the training course, there is a narrative that feels very forced as if Respawn Entertainment decided to put one there for the sake of having a storyline. It’s not needed as you’ll most likely lose interest and will simply want to get straight into the action.

There is still something unique about Titanfall – the fact every match includes both real players known as pilots and AI opponents, which certainly fills each map up with enemies, but the AI opponents are incredibly easy to kill, only giving you a single point, whereas killing real players will net you a few more points.

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Rundown streets and derelict buildings make for a great combat environment.

The main gametypes are Attrition (Team Deathmatch), Capture The Flag, and Hardpoint (Map Control), which offer hectic and fast-paced gameplay, but the real highlight is first getting into a titan. These gigantic robot…things can completely destroy players unless your opponent is also in a titan, in which a standoff may occur pitting titans against each other, which feels great at first, but after a while you might just want to stay on your feet mowing down people on the ground.

To spice things up a little, you can collect burn cards or buy them from the black market, which also sells different titan insignias and other goodies, however these burn cards each have a different ability such as “Fast Learner”, which awards you double experience points until you get killed. Another example is the “Amped Mag Launcher”, which strengthens the power of that particular weapon, leading to easy kills on both pilots and titans.

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Going head to head with another Titan can be a lot of fun.

It’s not all about fighting each other though, there’s a single cooperative gametype known as Frontier Defense – this involves defending a certain part of the map against hordes of enemies. This is all good fun and acts as a nice break from the constant carnage of other gametypes.

Titanfall isn’t anything special, although there are moments which feel fantastic such as taking down a titan for the first time, or capturing your first flag without getting shot at once. Although there are some options to alter your character such as player abilities and different weapons, there’s not enough customization a game like this should have. Fun for a while, but quickly gets stale.

Rating: 6.5/10

Available On: Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Windows PC

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