REVIEW: Kitten Squad

A PETA game that prides itself on raising animal abuse awareness. It’s already dodgy, isn’t it? Kitten Squad fails to raise any awareness, rather make you want to put the controller down after about 5 minutes. Boring, uninspired, repetitive, tripe.

Kitten Squad ultimately puts you in the control of a kitten, who’s mission it is to save the animals, including sheep, dolphins, and seals. What exactly are you saving these guys from? Robots. Yep, robots – because robots are always trying to capture the poor animals, aren’t they?

This is a top-down twin stick shooter, which has you go from screen to screen (think Binding of Isaac, but definitely not Binding of Isaac), shooting through hordes of robots, whilst finding different weapons along the way. Doesn’t sound so bad, but it really is – the entire gameplay experience is tedious.

Different weapons don’t really make a difference – the Missile Launcher is something you’d imagine would really pack a punch, but to be honest I preferred to use the default pea shooter as it feels like it does way more damage. There’s no balance here whatsoever, so just pick up weapons and see what happens. It really doesn’t matter.

Along the way, you’ll collect coins from defeating enemies or by completing quests. However, these coins are essentially pointless as there’s no upgrades in the game at all, instead you can spend your well-earned money on different clothing items that do nothing whatsoever.

Kitten Squad is free, but that’s no reason to give this game a shot. Just stay away.

Available On: PS4

Rating: 1.5/10

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