REVIEW: Iron Snout

Iron Snout is the kind of game that encourages you to constantly beat your own score through very simple game mechanics. Who thought slaughtering endless waves of wolves would be so fun?

There’s no denying it; Iron Snout is a pick up and play game. You take control of a single pig in this endless beat ’em up as wolves come to attack you left and right, high and low. It’s your mission to punch and kick them until you’re out of health – pretty simple stuff.


Quickly dispose of those flying wolves as they attempt to blow you up with a very comical looking rocket.

The wolves will often carry weapons such as axes, chainsaws, and even handbags, which when dropped can be picked up and used against them. The handbag is surprisingly effective, believe it or not.

You essentially stand in the middle of the screen and use each direction to perform a left or right attack, whilst ducking and jumping over thrown weapons. When wolves are coming in thick and fast, this can actually get your heart racing, especially when you’re down to your last bit of health.

Two game modes are made available – classic mode or 1HP mode. Classic gives you a generous amount of health, whilst 1HP only gives you (you guessed it) 1 hit before you die. If you ever get really good at the game, I’d recommend trying 1HP to see how skilled you actually are.


The screen will often be filled with bloodshed and explosions.

Whilst Iron Snout is simple, it does get quite challenging once you’re into the 100 kill count or so, leaving you with an intense gaming experience as you try desperately to fend off those pesky wolves before it’s game over.

Rating: 6/10

Available On: Windows PC, iOS, Android

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