REVIEW: Goat Simulator

What seems like an absolutely ridiculous idea actually works well in the most bizarre way possible. Welcome to Goat Simulator…

You play as a goat from a third-person perspective and the goal is – well – there isn’t any so to speak. The only real objective is to destroy the unfortunate goat in the most creative ways possible, whilst racking up a high score, which is there to give the game a bit more reason to play.

Roaming around the town, you are able to throw yourself into oncoming traffic, fly through the air with fireworks on your back, and bounce from trampolines to the concrete ground below. Sound fun? It is – massively.


Reach new heights and score points by doing so. The higher, the better.

This is especially enjoyable because of the ragdoll physics involved, which allows you to enter a style of gameplay that maximises ultimate goat destruction. Saying that, this specific goat is hard as nails – it doesn’t die what so ever, making it the toughest animal in existence.

Obviously the game doesn’t simulate goat behavior what so ever, in fact it’s perhaps the most pointless game of all time, unless you count the in-game goals and achievements, including things such as ‘Get Hit By A Car’ or ‘Jump Over An Obstacle’, among others.


Maximise your experience by ramming yourself into oncoming traffic.

Although there’s much to laugh at in Goat Simulator, the graphics are surprisingly good for a game that really doesn’t need to rely on decent visuals. On the downside, it is full of glitches, namely falling through textures, objects floating above the ground, and getting stuck mid-air.

Despite its stupidity and flaws, Goat Simulator is hugely fun, reminding us games don’t have to be serious all of the time, but it still lacks any real depth.

Rating: 6.5/10
Available On: Windows PC / Mac / Linux

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