REVIEW: Depression Quest

Depression Quest isn’t a game in the strictest definition, but does offer deep and meaningful content that could alter the way you think about mental illness.

It’s all got a bit serious, but Depression Quest manages to bring up some very real and relatable situations, which are tackled through thought-provoking decision making. It essentially plays like an old school text-based game due to different answers paving how the rest of the experience is played out.

Right from the start, you are given situations relating to real life, whether it be your job, relationship status, family, among others, and you have to manage these demands whilst battling depression, giving you an understanding how hard life can be with the illness.


Multiple options will alter the outcome of various scenarios.

It’s not fun at all to be brutally honest, in fact it’s quite boring and involves lots of reading, which is absolutely fine but don’t expect anything that’s going to entertain you. The ultimate aim is to help people and that’s an admirable cause, which goes against those nasty stereotypes that gaming is somehow bad for us or causes real-life violence. Depression Quest arguably shows video games can be used as an outlet to provide positive things.

Rating: 6/10
Available: Windows PC / Mac / Linux

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