REVIEW: Cloney

A simple and addictive endless runner, Cloney is fun for what it is, however a lot of wasted potential lies within.

Endless potential in many ways – the graphics are absolutely fantastic for such a simple game, and I feel could be put to much better things. Cloney contains one endless level, in which you must tap your way through a forest, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles along the way. It’s ultimately Flappy Bird, but a bit more interesting, and instead of a bird, you control a little dragon.


Avoid tree branches by clicking at just the right times.

If only there were more levels with different themes and such – that would make Cloney a much more enjoyable experience instead of simply being another endless game. With that in mind, it is extremely addictive, as these games tend to be – I could spend a good few hours trying to beat my old score, and then feel bad for wasting so much time.

The music is actually really charming and fits the forest atmosphere quite well, however that thought constantly keeps creeping back up – all the effort gone into this game could be put towards better games with great music and graphics. I hope the developer comes up with better titles in the future as I have faith they could do so much better.


Failing to stay above the water results in your death. Poor little guy…

If you want easy achievements, you should be able to get them in around 30 minutes, so there’s that. Ultimately, Cloney will keep you glued due to its annoyingly addictive nature, but don’t expect anything too substantial.

Rating: 3.5/10

Available On: iOS / Windows PC / Mac

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