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Dripping with atmosphere and a true sense of individuality, Rain certainly stands out, making for a must-play. Those looking for something different – here’s your chance.

You start the game as a young boy who finds himself in a mysterious world, in which he is completely invisible unless he comes into contact with rain. During his confusion, the boy witnesses a young girl as she is chased by a strange monster. Intrigued as to what’s going on, the boy decides to chase after the girl – thus, your soaking journey begins.

The opening cutscene is done in a waterpaint style (think Child of Light), making for a very artsy and unique take on storytelling within video games. It works really well, especially for a game such as this. Right from the get go, you’ll find there are way more monsters than just the one chasing the girl. Nothing is known of these otherworldly beings aside the fact that once they spot you, they’ll constantly chase you down until you either get caught or you find a place to hide i.e. out of the rain, under a shelter, and so forth.


A glimpse at the strange girl you’re constantly trying to track down.

These chases can actually be very intense, especially when you only just manage to make yourself invisible at the very last second. Some of the later enemies such as dogs or critters are much quicker and can certainly get your heart pounding as you attempt to find sanctuary. Good news is though – critters will also attack other enemies.

At its core, Rain is a platformer that manages to include puzzles along the way. Whilst these puzzles aren’t very difficult, they do add more depth to the game and a sense of satisfaction, especially when you outsmart an enemy.

For example, there may be a locked gate that you aren’t strong enough to break open – simply lure an enemy, then get out of the way as quick as you can. The enemy will smash the gate open, knocking itself out at the same time, letting you carry on with the game. Stealth plays a massive part in Rain – when you consider enemies are around almost every corner, you must scope out each area, making sure you know where the safe spots are in case you are spotted.


Using “dry spots” and the environments is a must to sneakily get by enemies.

Without spoiling too much, you will eventually catch up the girl, bringing a new dynamic to the game – you’ll come across platforms and puzzles that require two people to conquer. You don’t have to hold hands with the girl as she is more than capable of performing actions on her own accord, making her a joy to have as a team mate as it were.

Each level brings something new to the game, whether it be more complex obstacles or scenarios in which you must be quick and witty to outsmart an enemy or set of enemies. This is the sort of game in which you’re constantly having to learn as you go on, bringing a well-balanced difficulty curve along the way.


Running away from these mysterious monsters will become a more than common situation.

Once the game is finished, you are encouraged to go through it again to collect “memories” – these collectibles offer more insight into the world around you. If you’re heavily into the story or just want to be a completionist, I’d recommend collecting all these.

Whilst Rain is a very short game, it does offer some fantastic level design and gameplay mechanics that are sure to keep you entertained throughout. Short, but sweet.

Rating: 8/10

Available On: PS3

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