Are these the most popular adventure games of all time?

When it comes to pure escapism, not much can beat the culture of adventure gaming. Games come in all sorts of genres and can be played on a wide variety of platforms from Xbox to PS4, or the Nintendo Switch to the iPad.

Deciding on what the most popular adventure games are is no easy choice, and there are bound to be many people who will vehemently disagree with any list anyone cares to make. So let’s keep it as uncontroversial as possible and see what the BAFTA Gaming Awards came up with in their nominations for Best Adventure Game 2016.

Playdead’s Inside
Following Playdead’s adventure game entitled “Limbo” last year, this same developer launched “Inside.” It is a superb example of a minimalist video game, not only in terms of its mechanics but also its narrative. From the outset, you play the part of a young boy experiencing the horror of being pursued in an ominous and oppressive space.

You are relentlessly chased by dark, armed shadows that you have to beat to survive. Your only tools are your ability to grab, run and jump. You’ll also need to solve various conundrums thrown at you. On your journey, you will die often and in gruesome fashion, but you always feel you are on the verge of success. Once it gets into your blood, you’ll be hopelessly addicted.

Firewatch from Campo Santo Productions
The next adventure game to be nominated for Best Game 2016 was “Firewatch”, out of the Campo Santo Productions stable. Your character is Henry, a man who has taken up a job as a fire lookout in the wilderness of Wyoming.

It’s a long, exceptionally hot and dry summer and everyone is nervous of a fire outbreak. You are stationed on top of a mountain, and you have to spot any signs of smoke so fires can be stopped early. You can get help from your supervisor, a lady called Delilah. The small handheld radio is your only point of contact with the outside world.

You will be drawn out of your safe lookout post, into the wild, dangerous and sometimes mysterious wilderness around you, and that’s when the trouble begins. You will be faced with many perils and will be forced to make many life or death decisions to stay alive. The whole premise of the game is unusual, and the environment you find yourself in is quite stunning with some amazing graphics to enjoy.

New adventure games are being released all of the time, yet there are still some timeless classics that gamers love to dice with, time after time. Take Grim Fandango for example.

Grim Fandango

Originally launched back in 1998, Grim Fandango is one of the highest rated adventure games in recent years. It has been re-mastered and re-released just two years ago to keep it current and is available on all platforms. The game unfolds in Mexico’s land of the dead, inhabited by skeletons and demons. Those who have recently died, have to work off any sins and crimes before being allowed to take the treacherous four-year trip to the Ninth Underworld.

The game is steeped with film noir atmosphere, plus there are large helpings of crime and corruption. The adventure delivers many obtuse puzzles to be solved, and your interaction with this fascinating world is something you will remember forever, even some 20 years after the game’s initial release. It’s a true adventure game classic.

Is Game of Thrones the ultimate adventure series?
For most people, Game of Thrones is the ultimate adventure ride, first through the release of the series of books by author George R.R. Martin, then through the TV adaptation, the release of the series of adventure games, and finally through its video slot appearance on MrGreen’s online casino.

If you haven’t yet heard about Games of Thrones, where have you been for the last few years? It’s an epic tale of powerful, royal families with a full supporting cast of heroes, rogues and villains, with the odd dire-wolf and dragon thrown in for good measure. It’s all about the ongoing struggle to gain control over the seven kingdoms of Westeros. There’s plenty of blood and guts along the way, as hero after hero and villain after villain gets killed-off in the relentless pursuit to sit upon the Iron Throne.

Five Game of Thrones spin-offs planned
With series seven of the TV extravaganza currently being aired, and the eighth and supposedly final series standing by in the wings, such is the popularity of Game of Thrones that, according to one source, series publisher HBO has a total of five Game of Thrones spin-offs planned. It means that gamers won’t have to mourn the passing of possibly the greatest ever adventure series for too long, once series eight has been screened.


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