Nostalgiagasm: The Best 90s Gaming Soundtracks

Let’s face it: everything was better in the 90s, including gaming soundtracks. Music plays a vital role in how you experience any game, whether it be setting the tone or getting you pumped to take on what’s waiting around the corner. Here, dear readers and fellow gamers, are four of my all-time faves.

DOOM – ‘At Doom’s Gate’
What better way to start off Doom than by entering E1M1 as this beast of a song plays. Angry, in your face, and unrepentant as can be, it puts you reyt in the mood for blasting through hordes of the undead and hellspawn. Of course, Doom is jam-packed with tunes like this, but this is the one that’ll most likely leave a lasting impression on you. Mmmm, Doom.

FINAL FANTASY VII – ‘Fight On!’ (AKA ‘Boss Battle’)
The regular battle theme in Final Fantasy VII is already full of energy, perfect in prepping you for the fight ahead. However, when you enter one of the many boss battles in this game, you’ll hear the classic ‘Fight On!’ beginning to play, letting you know that you’re in for a much more challenging ruck.

RESIDENT EVIL – ‘Save Room Theme’
Every time I hear this, I can’t help but get goosebumps – it’s incredibly nostalgic, as are all the tracks on this list, but this one… my God, it’s just something else. There aren’t many safe locations in the original Resident Evil, so when you hear this track, you know you can take a breather from the madness that is the Spencer Mansion and all its monstrous beings.

METAL GEAR SOLID – ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’
Quite possibly the most beautiful piece of music in gaming history, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ is hauntingly brilliant. From its extremely powerful vocals and strangely calming vibes, this iconic track allows you to reminisce on the genius that is the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I get choked up whenever I listen to it. Serious.


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