Nintendo Switch: The Time Is Now

After a sudden surge in popularity, Nintendo Switches are selling like hot-cakes and there’s a clear reason behind it.  

The gaming community have enjoyed a decent haul this year with an almost daunting selection of spectacular games hitting consoles. Horizon: Zero Dawn gave us the bliss of exploring a vibrant land full of unique player experiences; Persona 5 served up all-too-real friendships and a damn catchy soundtrack; but how can we forget Breath of the Wild?, a game so flawless the internet still can’t get over it.

Funny thing is Zelda, as there are still quite a few who haven’t even thought about touching it. Not because they’re sick of the amount of legends Zelda seems to have, but rather because you’ll have to get a Nintendo Switch to play it (or a Wii-U, but they suck). The Nintendo Switch costs over £300 with a game – which is a pretty pricey investment to make for just one killer title, granted. But we’re here to tell you that now is the time to make that switch (sorry), as Zelda won’t be the only game to reassure your guilty conscience for dropping that amount of dough.


Breath of the Wild will likely be the first game you get, but it isn’t the only game on the Switch that’s made strides in a gaming genre. ARMS – Nintendo’s response to Street Fighter and Tekken – is a fantastically simple yet dynamic fighting game. Easy to grasp but hard to master, it brings all the fun of throwing a punch along with a various selection of gloves; some with hammers, some with boomerangs and others with lasers, no less. Although slower-paced, it’s refreshing to think about when to throw a punch as opposed to the amount of buttons I need to mash to get something that resembles a combo.

Splatoon 2

The amount of FPS shooters currently on the market can be, quite frankly, tiring. While thrilling to play, sometimes it’s nice to throw in a splash of originality, which is why Nintendo decided to give the shooter genre a dash of paint. Building from the original, Splatoon 2 expands on its win-by-painting-territory system by adding a range of peculiar but effective weaponry, such as the shield/gun ‘Splat Brella’, or the Flingza Roller, which effectively makes you a walking steamroller of paint. With a main focus largely on multiplayer and constant content updates for the next 2 years, this is a paint job you’ll never want to end.

Super Mario Odyssey

Another new Mario game, you say? Well, not quite, as this one pays homage to what is arguably the best 3D platformer of all time, Super Mario 64. It’s been over two decades since its release and in that time, Nintendo has mastered what people of the modern age want in a Mario game. The ability to explore various mini-worlds with the power to possess enemies and objects thanks to your new ally Cappy (original, I know), gives this iteration of Mario endless potential for fun and, inevitably, memes. Joyful characters, quirky dialogue and satisfying platforming, you won’t want to put Super Mario Odyssey down  and thanks to the Switch, you won’t have to.

Currently out of stock on Amazon, you can check Sheffield’s Grainger Games, CEX, or GAME to see if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one.

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