REVIEW: Entwined

Set in a strange world in which you take control of an orange fish and a blue bird, Entwined is a rhythm based game that relies on twitch controls and a tolerance for trippy visuals.

There is no real story to this game, other than the fish and bird must unite and eventually turn into a dragon. Yeah… but it doesn’t matter, who cares for any narrative in a rhythm game anyway?

Entwined has you take control of the two animals, in which their movements are attached to each analog stick. Neither animal can overlap into the other half of the screen – fish takes the helm on the left, whilst bird takes the right. You must traverse through auto-scrolling tunnels, collecting orbs and successfully guiding the animals through gates corresponding to their colours.


You’re not tripping on acid, this is how the game looks most of the time.

A level finishes when you fill the gauge and keep up the momentum until you eventually reach the stage in which you fly around as a dragon and enter the next level, in which there are nine in total. It would be nice if other obstacles got in your way, but for the most part, you’ll be in for a bland and repetitive experience.

Naturally, gameplay gets more difficult as you progress, starting off relatively easy, making your way through simple routes and patterns. Eventually you’ll have to rely on your reflexes and hand-eye coordination more than ever – this means a little practice may be needed before finishing those later levels.


Descend into the void….and see what happens.

Entwined is generally fun whilst it lasts, making for a game that’s easy to pick up and play. Once the story is over, most of your time (if you wish to carry on playing) will be spent in challenge mode, which cranks up the difficulty and truly puts your skills to the test – get as many points as possible before dying in increasingly challenging obstacles and such.

What really lets Entwined down is its limiting gameplay – rather than mixing up the mechanics now and again, you are stuck with one simple type of gameplay that does its job just fine but can leave you feeling both bored and wanting something different.

Rating: 5/10

Available On: PS3, PS4, PS Vita

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