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Gaming on a budget: The top 6 bargain releases

With most releases retailing at £50 a pop, suffice to say gaming isn’t always the most budget-friendly of pursuits. However, if you shop around a bit, just as Darragh J Murphy has been doing recently, you’ll soon discover a few decent titles that for one reason or another have ended up in the bargain bucket. Take a look…

Titanfall 2
Taking all the strengths the original Titanfall had and listening to the public feedback, Titanfall 2 is the high velocity FPS we were hoping for. Being released in between the newest additions to the COD and Battlefield franchises, sales didn’t reach the heights developer Respawn Entertainment expected. Luckily for us, people now get to enjoy a single-player campaign flagged as being one of the best in the genre, as well as an exhilarating multiplayer experience.

£26 – Amazon
£22 – CEX


Delivering an experience heavily influenced by the likes of Bioshock, Prey is a vast single-player experience worthy of your attention. A creepy but striking atmosphere and huge amount of customizable weapons and abilities will have you pinned to your screen throughout its roughly 20-hour campaign. It’s a shame that its near unplayable launch had people second guessing when buying it, but that’s what patches are for.

£20 PS4/ £27 PC – Amazon
£22 – CEX


For Honor
Falling between the accessibility of COD or Battlefield and the melee aspect of Street Fighter, For Honor was supposed to be the a highly skill-based multiplayer that would have people grow in ability over time. It didn’t make the cut following its release due to annoying bugs, a flat single-player mode and annoying disconnections during online play. That shouldn’t take away from the fun that can be had in this satisfying medieval brawler though, as constant updates have fixed most of these issues.

£22 – Amazon
£22 – CEX

Just Cause 3
If you’re looking for a sand-box game that is second to none when causing destruction, Just Cause 3 might be your cup of tea. Preferably played on a high-spec PC due to the PS4 barely being able to handle the mayhem you can cause, there’s an abundance of fun things to get distracted by in its tropical setting and hilarious story, similar to how people could get entertained by phone casino and various other games. If you missed your chance to get it as part of the PlayStation Plus deal, the bargain deals are still more than worth it.

£15 – CEX
£14 (PC) – Amazon


Watch Dogs 2
No matter how hard Watch Dogs 2 tried to show signs of evolution from the disaster of its prequel, it could never quite get away from the negativity. If people gave it a chance though, they would be treated to a thrilling sand box game with fun hacking mechanics. While it lacks an entertaining story, the many ways you can infiltrate enemy territories shows that gameplay is the real star of the show.

£30 – Amazon
£18 – CEX


Dishonoured 2
Perhaps there was too much to do in Dishonoured 2, or too many different ways to play out its campaign, but it didn’t resonate with players the way its cult classic predecessor did. Sometimes it all comes down to timing when releasing a game and the Arkane Studios release just slipped under the radar. This is a great game, with beautiful little attentions to detail in its intriguing world and s huge scope of powers that you can harness. With brand spanking new DLC coming out soon, it’s a good time this one up at an awesome price.

£13.40 – Amazon
£12 – CEX


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