Gaming in 2015: A Year to Get Excited About

We take a look towards 2015’s gaming releases.

A few weeks have passed and not much has gone off in the strange world of gaming, you’ve already failed your New Year’s resolutions and you’re sad because work has started again. But don’t worry, the list of games to get excited for in 2015 is enormous and should cure those winter blues – your wallet might not agree but these are some games you absolutely must purchase over the next 11 months.


Released: 30/01/14
For: Xbox One / PS4 / PC
If Far Cry, Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island were to have a baby, Dying Light would be it. As a parkour instructor, you quickly find yourself in a world turned upside down, completely ridden with zombies, psychopaths and everything in between. It also looks gorgeous, meaning you can see every detail of the undead, which is especially nice as you stick a knife into their head. Very bloody, corrupt and generally insane, Dying Light shouldn’t be ignored.


Released: 20/02/14
For: PS4
This PS4 exclusive puts you in Victorian-era London… with a twist. Instead of worrying about boys getting stuck cleaning chimneys, people are generally more concerned with the half breed monsters trying to take over. Set in an alternative history, you will be able to use advanced weaponry and such (the likes that shouldn’t really go hand in hand with the Victorian era) against these monsters and rebel groups to sustain some form of order in the most broken version of London ever.

Released: TBA 2015
For: Wii U
It’s about time this furry fella got some more love and attention. Back in the SNES days, Star Fox was mindblowing and rightfully so, eventually making an impact on the N64 and GameCube. Now he’s coming back for the Wii U, taking on more traditional gameplay that everyone knows and loves. Not much has been shown but a few screenshots and leaked footage shows a very promising game filled with hopefully many barrel rolls.


Released: 02/06/14
For: Xbox One / PS4 / PC
Set after the events of Arkham City (you know, that whole Joker fiasco), Arkham Knight puts Batman in a very strange position – with no major villain to keep him occupied, others such as Two-Face, Penguin and Harley Quinn come to the same realisation that the Batman is vulnerable and it should be their mission to combine their efforts to finally kill him once and for all. On top of all that, the psycho known as Scarecrow wants some of the action and threatens Gotham City with his unique toxin. As you can imagine, they’ll be lots to do in this bigger version of Gotham City.

Released: TBA 2015
For: Wii U
Without sounding like a fanboy, I don’t think any Zelda game has been bad (excluding those awful CD-i “games”), so the announcement that Link will be making another adventure on the Wii U made most of us quite excited. Said to be less linear than previous instalments, The Legend of Zelda will promote more freedom and a much larger overworld, complete with many places to explore, whether it be on foot or whilst riding Epona. Although not much has been shared, the small glimpses into this game should make people buy a Wii U, if they haven’t already.


Released: TBA 2015
For: Xbox One
Halo is in a very strange place right now, most people tend to hate the new direction it’s going or welcome it with open arms. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle? Either way, the storyline looks to be a strong one – with the world in peril and Master Chief wandering alone with a mark on his head from one Agent Locke, who knows what 343 Industries will throw at us. The multiplayer beta has now finished and has generally received good feedback. There’s also a few new weapons and abilities here and there, so that’s something else to look forward to.

Released: TBA 2015
For: PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PC
Open world environments seems to be a recurring theme in games that haven’t necessarily had them in the past, and you should be happy about it. This will give Metal Gear Solid a whole new feel whilst keeping the elements of stealth, action and espionage right at the helm. The Phantom Pain is perhaps the most anticipated game of 2015 – set after the events of Ground Zeroes, Venom Snake is at it again sneaking around trying to put an end to a new threat on the world. You will find yourself using familiar items such as binoculars, explosives and various guns, but you’ll also find some new treats along the way including friendly helicopters to aid you now and again, horses for fast transport across vast landscapes and sheep attached to parachutes that you can bring back to your base. I’m not making this up.


Released: TBA 2015
For: PS4
Nathan Drake is now a retired treasure hunter, world explorer, death-defying maniac, whatever you want to label him as. The events of Uncharted 3 are well behind Drake, but his retirement is short lived and his thirst for exploring dangerous places and solving ancient mysteries quickly brings him back into the action. You will embark on what has been described as Drake’s “greatest adventure yet” which “will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.” If you haven’t got a PS4 yet, this could seal the deal.
Also look out for… Final Fantasy Type-0, Bloodborne, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Battlecry, The Devil’s Third, Fable Legends, Hotline Miami 2, Just Cause 3, Mario Maker, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Persona 5, Mortal Kombat X, Star Fox, Street Fighter V, Yakuza 5, Dead Island 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege.

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