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Game Over is a new Sheffield event that aims to bring the social aspect back to gaming. The team behind the night have been setting up their ‘Barcade’ across Sheffield for almost a year and are now planning some of their biggest events yet. Game Over events are a celebration of everything played with a controller, from retro games right up to the latest consoles. We chatted to Luke, the brains behind the event, to see where the idea came from and what plans they have for the future.

How did Game Over get started? What was the idea behind it?

It’s an idea that’s been with me since my early teens. It was to bring video game culture into a nightlife bar atmosphere. We then envisaged that social drinking would work harmoniously with social gaming!

You’re now getting attendances of over 200 people, did you ever expect it to grow so quickly?

That fact still blows our mind a little, so no, not at all. But once we pulled off that first event back in February last year, I think we realised then that we’d achieved something big and we had. We made a big impact on the local game scene as well as Sheffield’s nightlife, which was enough motivation to really push on forward to bigger things.

What sorts of things take place at a usual Game Over event?

Every month, in the ‘Barcade’ we host tons of current and retro gaming favourites on consoles, that stem from the last twenty years with classics such as Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Crash Team Racing, Super Smash Bros and many more.

You will never leave empty handed. Over the last year, we have given away over £3000 worth of prizes! Players can win these in our tournaments and competitions. Casual gamers can also win prizes on the spot as our Moderators keep a keen eye out for impressive gameplay!

The newest edition to our monthly event is the Gaming Themed – Live Art Auction featuring some of Sheffield’s best local artists such as Mute, Charlotte Alicia & Trik09 showcasing and creating masterpieces to be sold off in the silent auction. Highest bidder wins!

That’s not even half of it, so if you want to know more you’ll have to come down on the 22nd.

Game Over is coming up to its first birthday, are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Damn right we are!On the 22nd February we’re bringing back some of the greatest elements from the past Game Over events and rolling them into a two floor takeover of Bloo88. To top it off we have tons of game favourites, secret Guest DJ’s, exclusive game developer appearances, Birthday drinks offers all night, themed cocktails and of course free birthday cake and pick & mix to all who come down to help us celebrate.

You’ve got some big plans for the future too – what are you most looking forward to adding to your line up of events in 2016?

As well as our rapidly growing monthly gaming night, we have some other great events on the horizon for 2016 as well.

The elite tournament ‘Battle of Seven Hills’ or ‘B.o.S.H’ plays host to some of the region’s most talented fighting game players. It’s only the second one that we’ve organised but with the first being a massive success. We’re now a registered qualifier for one of the biggest tournaments in Europe – Hypespotting V.

Our Retro Games Market, in association with The Portal, is still a young project but one with room for incredible growth. The market enables people from all over Yorkshire the opportunity to buy and sell classic and hard to find videogame merchandise and really grab a bargain and then come and enjoy that bargain in the Game Over Arcade Lounge.

Finally, we have something big in the pipeline for later on this year, which we’ll be announcing on our social media. So keep a close eye on us!

What would you say to someone who’s interested in coming down to one of your monthly events but maybe isn’t the best at hitting headshots from across the map on a multiplayer game?

I would say: do not let it deter you from coming! There is something for everyone at Game Over. Casual play setups enable to have a laugh on some of the best multiplayer classics whether you come with friends, or you’re looking to make some new ones. So whether you’re there to spectate or partake in some thrilling competitive action, there’s always going to be plenty of people eager to play with you.

Lastly, what do you enjoy most about holding Game Over events?

The biggest love for us about holding these events is that we have such an amazing community that share the same passion for gaming as we do, and it’s still growing rapidly. We’re offering people a platform to play, win prizes and make friends as well as bringing together so many different elements of nerd culture and uniting it all under one roof.

So if you love gaming, make sure to follow Game Over on social media!

Instagram: GameOver_Sheff

Facebook: facebook.com/gameoversheff


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