Bringing classic TV game shows into the digital age

One thing that has remained a constant since before the birth of the digital age back in the ’70s is our love of television game shows and the excitement they bring. The chance of one person winning their dreams, or falling just short of their big break, builds up a great amount of suspense for the viewers watching at home. Television game shows are even attracting new crowds with their mobile versions created for the iPhone and other app-using devices such as Android phones, iPads and other tablets. The idea of bringing classic TV game shows into the digital age has been one that has interested and engaged thousands and thousands of people as they make the user feel like a contestant in the studio itself. A variety of TV game shows are now available to play on mobile apps and online gaming websites. Due to many new digital devices being touch screen, it allows the user to easily play the game on the app, making it more appealing to play, while simple signup processes to gaming websites mean it’s never been easier to enjoy these games. These factors therefore increase the popularity of gaming in general, and if the app is based on a classic TV game show that is well known by the majority of the population, it will already have an audience ready to play.


A well-known, popular game show that is available to play online is Deal Or No Deal, remembered by many as the box-filled afternoon show hosted by Noel Edmonds. In the online game, you are able to experience the same thrills and excitement as if you were in the studio, and with your own money on the line, a real sense of suspense exists as you go through the rounds, opening the boxes and hoping for low numbers. Even TV game shows that are no long shown on television are getting the digital age treatment and are available to download and play on any device that uses apps. This allows people to relive their favourite shows again as well as actually taking part in them too. Bullseye and Crystal Maze are both examples of TV game shows that aren’t broadcast on television anymore (apart from the recent one off London revival of the latter), but still have apps available for people to play the game. Whether you dream of sprinting along through the Aztec zone behind Richard O’Brien, or having a super smashing great time in front of the oche with Jim Bowen, you can do just that through your phone or tablet screen.


Digital devices are all the rage among people of all ages now – not just youngsters. Tablets, iPhones, computers and laptops are essentials for the majority of the population in the UK, with a huge number of people relying on them for both work and as a source of entertainment in their free time. MP3 players and other electronic devices are also widely used by many people and it has become the norm to have at least one or two devices on one’s person at any given time. Today, a huge 80 percent of millennials own a smartphone which is a 26% increase on 2012, and 40% own a tablet and smartphone as well as a desktop device. This therefore highlights the power and impact the digital age has had on today’s society and how influential technology can be, and with the popularity of these online games and apps, more people of younger generations are discovering these classic game shows too. Recently, Crystal Maze is among a number of shows to see a revival in popularity, but how much have the app and online versions of these games had to play in those revivals? With so many people enjoying them, it’s likely to have been a key factor.

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