The best of autumn game releases

How does the saying go? “If it ain’t broke, update it”? Because if 2017 has shown us anything so far, it’s that gaming developers are really digging these sequels – and when they’re done well, who’s complaining?! We’ve seen an abundance of solid follow-ups this year, with the latest god of war, Zelda and Resident Evil instalments all serving as top-notch additions to their franchises.

But the sequel love-in ain’t finished yet! September has already seen a few more big names receiving an update, with more coming up in October . Here’s some we hope will live up to the hype.

Destiny 2
Judging by the open-beta I’m sure we all got a taste of (because, you know, it’s free), it’s almost irresponsible of Bungie and High Moon studios to be releasing their game just before the academic year. With brand new sub-classes that allow you to fling solar blades, a more entertaining cinematic story mode and the little attentions to detail in the game’s vast environment, you can prepare to spend the next year going on space raids.
Release date: Sept 6th

Knack 2
Poor Knack. Touted to be the next Crash Bandicoot ahead of the PS4’s launch, the poor little guy instead became the laughing stock for the forth coming years. However, if anyone has been playing Splatoon 2 recently, you’ll know the hype for Knack 2 is real. People can’t stop talking about the new platformer, boasting improved difficulty settings and a fully-fledged multiplayer campaign. KNACK 2 IS THE FUTURE, BABY!
Release date: Sept 5th

knack - 2 - game - release

Metroid: Samus Returns
The explosion of hype following the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 at E3 earlier this year was phenomenal, and the only thing it had to show was a title screen. To quench that excitement, Nintendo has given us a remastered version of what started it all – Metroid II. This is the game that kicked off a whole sub-genre of games and is still considered to be the best of its kind, despite it being released over two decades ago. Remastering a game such as that? Gimme.
Release date: Sept 15th

Ah, what perfect timing. Whether you’re being freshly introduced into the uni lifestyle or settling back in, there’s nothing sweeter than a good ol’ FIFA session. Expanding on last year’s widely praised FIFA 17, expect sharper mechanics, Ronaldo’s twattish facial expressions captured by the stellar Frostbite Engine and a continuation of the popular journey mode.
Release date: Sept 29th

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
The surprise hit of 2014 that put every movie-related game to shame is finally getting a much-needed sequel. This time round, Talios and his elven-spirit counterpart have forged a new ring with the belief that it can be used to avoid the darkness and become a just king. That’s quite the storyline, seeing as one ring of power is enough to start all the aggro in the Lord of the Rings franchise. With the return on the ‘Nemesis System’ to be used on that scale of war, this is one solo experience not to be missed.
Release date: Oct 10th

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
If you’ve ever wanted to mow-down some Nazi troops while cruising around on a wheelchair, The New Colossus has come to satisfy that peculiar need. The previous Wolfenstein gave players the perfect blend of a thrilling story and sheer absurd action, and this sequel seems to only be improving on this as the story begins with Nazis having taken over America. It’s up to our hero BJ to dual-wield his way through mechanized soldiers and resist this tyranny. Emphasis on the dual-wield.
Release date: Oct 27th

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