REVIEW: Battle For Blood

Blending tower defence, puzzle elements, and a sense of Bejewelled into one big addictive smoothie, Battle For Blood is a unique fusion of genres, making for a very unique sense of gameplay.

Does anyone care for the storyline in these games? Okay, I’ll get straight to the main premise of the game itself: Levels begin on a board of some sort, filled with various symbols, in which you need to match at least three of said symbols in order to perform an action.

A simple puzzle game, right? Not entirely. Instead of just matching symbols, you must simultaneously defend and attack the opposing enemy. See, each symbol represents a certain unit type, which is then unleashed upon matching three or more. If you manage to match more than three, you’ll get an additional unit as a bonus. The more combinations you make, the larger your army will become. Geddit?

Basic units consists of swordsmen, archers, and pikemen, who are fairly useful during the early stages of the game; however it’s not until later that you’ll be able to do some serious damage using much more advanced units.


Some of the various units made available to you.

There are a limited amount of matches you can make during each level, stopping you from simply spamming and hoping for the best. Sometimes, a time limit will appear, which allows you to get as many combinations as possible before the time runs out. Both variations adds a new type of tactical thought, keeping levels both refreshing and challenging.

Spanning a total of 60 levels, you will come across a fair amount of boss battles along the way, who naturally give you lots of money upon defeating them. Money is used to buy upgrades for units, additional protection to your camp, or buying other items which can then be used in battle to aid you in some way or another. Additional money can be earned during each battle as it does appear on the board, although you won’t gain any additional units – just a little extra money.


Match blocks below as you slaughter enemies above. 

Items include the likes of Angel Heart (heals your units’ HP by 55% ) which is particularly useful against bosses and the tougher enemies. Another is the God Finger, allowing you to swipe the screen in order to quickly kill off enemies.

A very casual pick up and play sort of game, Battle For Blood will pass the time during a long holiday flight or train journey. It’s certainly more interesting than Bejewelled…

Rating: 6/10
Available On: Windows PC / iOS / Mac / Linux

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