REVIEW: Dashy Crashy

Sporting fun and addictive gameplay, Dashy Crashy is the perfect pick up and play game.

Dashy Crashy is ultimately an endless game, meaning there is no end, rather your goal is to constantly beat your own score. You are a car that is trying to get as far as possible on the road – pretty simple, right? Not entirely, this road happens to have 5 lanes that are filled with other vehicles that will happily end your current streak if you were to crash into said vehicle(s).

Now, you are able to speed up in short busts, which will increase your score at a much faster rate, however the chances of crashing are in turn heightened. The opposite applies if you decide to slow down – you’ll be safer but don’t expect to rack up high scores anytime soon.


What it looks like the meet your demise.

As you get better at the game, you’ll notice speeding vehicles that will try and ram you off the road, meaning you’ll need to rely on quick reflexes to avoid this from happening. Other obstacles include lorries and pile-ups – all of this adds a much welcomed challenge.

There are a total of 6 ranks to achieve in the game (E – S) – as you get further into the ranks, you’ll start unlocking new vehicles. Additional vehicles can range in acceleration, turning, and strength – this means you can eventually get a vehicle that is capable of crashing multiple times without actually being destroyed.


One of the rarer moments in which the lanes aren’t full of vehicles. Trust me, that will change.

Dashy Crashy can have some pretty intense moments, especially when you’re nearing an A or S rank – vehicles will start getting very manic, switching lanes at a fast pace, and this is where your heart will really start racing. The game is available to download on the App store, completely free of charge – check it out, you’ll be hooked.

Rating: 7.5/10

Available On: iOS

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