3 Lesser-Known Survival Horrors You Should Play

You’ve all played Resident Evil and Silent Hill (at least I hope you have!), but believe it or not, there are many more incredible survival games to delve into. Become a horror game hipster and tell yer pals all about these underrated gems. 

Clock Tower
PlayStation | 1998
Technically, this is a sequel to the 1995 Super Famicom game under the same name. However, this was only released in Japan, therefore western gamers might be under the illusion that the PlayStation game is the first in the series. Anyway, protagonist Jennifer Simpson has begun treatment at a university in Norway, as an attempt to get through trauma caused in the previous game by the ever terrifying Scissorman. Well, like any cliché horror series, Scissorman has made a return and wants you dead. Combining both point ‘n’ click and horror survival mechanics, it’s your goal to constantly find safe spaces, whilst making conscious decisions along the way to determine the story’s outcome. You don’t really tackle Scissorman head on, rather outsmart him – and hope that your hiding spots are good enough… or you’ll get scissored to death. No, not like that.


Alone in the Dark 2
MS-DOS | 1993
Although its prequel was groundbreaking in plenty of ways, Alone in the Dark 2 took what made the first so good and improved on that – resulting in one of the most groundbreaking games of its time. It can be hard to get into these days, but if you stick at it long enough, you’ll (hopefully) realise why this game is just so good. Whilst investigating the kidnapping of a young child known as Grace Saunders, various clues lead paranormal private eye Edward Carnby to a crusty old mansion (also known as “Hell’s Kitchen”). Said mansion just so happens to be harbouring the spirits of dead pirates. These pirates aren’t nice and will do everything in their power to stop you making any sort of progress, making it your mission to survive the puzzle-ridden mansion, finding weapons and items along the way in true horror survival fashion.


Sweet Home
Famicom | 1989
Credited as heavily inspiring Resident Evil, Sweet Home places an emphasis on item management, puzzle solving, and trying to stay alive. It’s also set in a huge mansion filled to the brim with zombies (sound familiar yet?), skeletons, and other nasty beings. You and your documentary film-making group enter this mysterious mansion, in order to recover some fresco paintings that are of high interest. However, once inside, the group is locked in and are forced to make their way through the mansion, taking on otherworldly nasties using RPG mechanics. Whilst this was only released in Japan, there are exceptional fan translations of the game readily available.

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