Yorkshire Chef Returns to His Roots To Cook For Cosmo Luxe

Leeds is the first city to unveil the new and anticipated upmarket addition to all-you-can-eat buffet haven Cosmo, but with a luxurious twist.

Cosmo Luxe takes the concept of the buffet in a glamorous direction; before you are able to feast on flavours from around the globe, you are seated at the bar and shown around each food station – adding that high class touch. What’s more, the wide range of dishes are carefully selected and cooked by Yorkshire’s finest award-winning chef, Mark Sweeney, who has over thirty years of culinary experience and has cooked for the Queen, Prime Ministers and A-list celebs.

“In Yorkshire, we have a proud heritage of eating well, with tradition. It’s an ethos that’s served me well during my 30 years as a professional chef — helping me to understand the culture behind different cuisines, tap into their passion, and use it to inspire my own cooking.

“Cosmo Luxe has been a dream of mine for many, many years. I’m thrilled at the prospect of serving the flavours and dishes that I love most, from all over the world, in an environment that celebrates the joy we all share of food,” he says.

Cosmo Luxe
Signature dishes include Greek ‘melt-in-your mouth’ Pork Cheeks and Portuguese-spiced St Helena Fish Cakes through to family favourites such as Slow-cooked Lamb Shank Pie, complimented by mouth-watering smoked-butter mash.If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat too with plenty of indulgent bites and signature ice creams on offer for afters.

In addition to this, Luxe is dedicated to using local food suppliers, so you’ll be sure to get quality alongside variety. Yet, the luxury touch doesn’t end with the dishes – the restaurant itself is classy and the place certainly lives up to the ‘luxe’ branding – the design is very modern with marble floors, copper tones, glass cabinets, wooden fixtures and leather chairs, plus there’s even a live cooking station where you can experience your food being freshly made, teppanyaki style. The chefs will tell their stories behind each dish, from the hand-picked ingredients to their rich individual cultural histories. A bar also features, fit with plush orange chairs and a showcase of their most exquisite wines – making it the perfect place to unwind.

It is no surprise, therefore, that quality is at the forefront of the brand – each dish is made by a chef who is an expert in that field and top-notch equipment, such as a Berkel slicer are used during preparation. Though diverse, with staff from a variety of different cultures, Luxe pays homage to its Yorkshire background with many of its staff members wearing traditional flat caps.

Cosmo Luxe
Mark doesn’t consider Luxe to be a ‘Cosmo’, this venue offers many differences including the chance to dine at your own leisurely pace – unlike the traditional Cosmo’s there is no 1 hour 45 minute time limit.

There are even talks of more Luxe branches opening up in the North, Sheffield next please!

To find out more or for table bookings and enquiries, click here.

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