True North Brew Co Collaboration Brew Day


On a cold Tuesday morning in February I arrived at True North Brew Co‘s shiny new brewhouse opposite Devonshire Green. The scaffolding stretched up the brew house outside, only allowing peeks of the bricked grandeur underneath. The huge wooden painted double doors were open and Bob Phaff, head brewer at True North, could be seen picking out a selection of ingredients ready for the next stage in the brew.

web 3I wandered in, welcomed by the beery malt driven smell rising from the ten barrel kit housed in the furthest corner of the open plan room. Bob picked up a white tub and waved at me, as I read the label, he began to share that the Sheffield Honey company had just delivered a fresh batch and it was going into the beer. Ed and Sam from The Broadfield pub wandered over along with Rob and Mark of Manchester breweries Blackjack and Runaway. The ethos of the day was all about local and quality ingredients, collaboration and celebrating beer. Mark began to weigh out the hops a choice of one for bittering – Brewers Gold, and three for dry hopping – Cascade, Ella and Mosaic. The floral and citrusy aromas floated pleasingly into the room. The oatmeal honey pale ale was coming together! With a secret ingredient added – I’ll let you find out by viewing the artwork! The collaboration brew was beginning to sound flavourful and interesting.

Web 2Ed and Sam began to excitedly share the plans for The Broadfield during Sheffield Beer Week. With the Manchester collaboration beer to go on the bar alongside a whole host of Manchester breweries such as Track, Alphabet and of course Blackjack and Runaway for a week long tap takeover.

Head down to the Sheffield Beer Week launch party at True North’s brewhouse Saturday March 12 for a sneaky peek of the venue and a chat with Bob from 2pm. Check updates on entrance via: sheffieldbeerweek.co.uk

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