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If you’re not too interested in the footy but enjoy a decent gargle all the same, we’ve got you covered. Take a look across the 24 nations competing in this year’s tournament and you’ll find a wide-ranging selection of native beers, many of which are available to pick up here in Sheff. We spoke to some of our favourite craft beer outlets who gave us their top picks.

LoverBeer – Madamin
Using only the best quality local ingredients is this Italian brewery’s focus. They specialise in sour and aged beers. This amber, oak-aged beer exudes a vinous flavour and wears its Belgian inspiration on its sleeve.

Madamin BeerHungary
Monyo Brewing Co – Flying Rabbit
An American-hopped IPA from Hungary showcasing hints of mango and tropical fruits. On the money with its  resinous, bitter and piney kicks.


Augustiner Brau – Helles
Brewed in Munich, Augustiner have been at it since 1328! The Helles is a pale lager, and a nice strength at 5.2%, with a delightfully crisp finish. Perfect for summer!


Delirium – Tremens
A multi-award-winning beer that represents Belgium’s rich brewing tradition. Delirium Tremens comes in at 8.5% and has a spicy, dry finish. A real winner.

Acorn Brewery – Barnsley Bitter
There’s nothing more English than Barnsley Bitter. This Yorkshire favourite is a nutty, chestnut coloured bitter brewed with the finest English ingredients.

Tiny Rebel Brewery – Cwtch
Voted Champion Beer of Britain, the taste balances out a complex mix of malts and hops, with caramel flavours coming through.

Omnipollo – Mazarin
Described by its brewer as a “thinker’s beer”, this highly-rated APA is deeply aromatic with strong citrus flavours cutting through a delightfully crisp finish.

Omnipollo - MazarinExposed Pick:
Einstok Pale Ale
A post-work fave of ours, this witbier is brewed in old Belgian tradition and provides a distinct, refreshing taste with hints of orange peel and coriander.


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