Recycling capital of the UK? New survey reveals Sheffield consumers are more likely to recycle than any other city

New research has revealed that the people of Sheffield are the most likely to recycle, as it’s revealed a huge 73% recycle their plastic goods appropriately, which is more than any other city in the UK.

The news comes out the back of a survey carried out by which also revealed that 43% of Sheffield consumers ensure they bring their own plastic bags when food shopping,

These high percentages are a testament to Sheffield’s green attitude and has placed them at the top of the UK city’s table.

The top five cities that recycle the most?

Sheffield – 73%

Belfast – 68%

Cardiff– 62%

Liverpool– 62%

Plymouth – 58%


A majority of Sheffield consumers (63%) also believe they should shop locally, as the city becomes far more conscious of food sustainability and environmental issues.

Shoppers mainly want to buy local because it’s better for the economy, improves the environment, with a huge 53% happy to pay more if their food produce was made locally.

David Lawson, Managing Director at commented on the new research:

“As consumers are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint and the need to help the environment, attention has turned to the food they’re buying and how far it has travelled to get to their kitchens.People are realising that buying from local providers, whilst more expensive, can provide better quality produce which is also better for the environment. Our campaign ‘From Farm to Fridge’ details the journey that some common staples in the average UK fridge have taken to get there, highlighting the food products which are racking up the air miles.”

You can take a look at the “From Farm to Fridge” campaign here –



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