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My Happy Place: Rutland Arms

Every time I’m greeted with the delightful question of “Where are we going tonight?”, my answer will almost always be “The Rutland Arms”.

Being just a short walk from Sheffield Station, convenience is just one of many reasons why I find this pub to be my sanctuary. The mismatched coasters on the wall, the ‘Forbidden Music’ board judging you from above the jukebox and the graffiti in the bathrooms – with the enticing opportunity to add your own – all come together to create the Rutland’s own distinctive charm and personality.

That’s before you even mention its renowned kitchen with a diverse menu to cater to any requirements you may have. One of the best qualities of the pub is their
reasonable prices and amazing service for both food and drinks, featuring hand- pulled beers and gluten-free or vegan alternatives for a variety of drinks. The pub
pride themselves on their vast range of locally sourced beverages, excluding most big-name brands, from their collection celebrating independent brewers.

The Forbidden Music board has become infamous between me and my group of friends, as we anticipate who we’ll have to sift from our music collection each night. We believe the ‘permabanned’ section is a good way to gauge what kind of crowds are welcome in the pub. Morrissey being featured, paired with the political posters which leave no room for speculation about the staff’s views, means that a certain kind of person is attracted to The Rutland.

Although drinks, food and music are an important part of any pub, the thing that Rutland Arms has that keeps me coming back is the atmosphere. I love being able to talk to anyone each time I go in there or being able to choose the mood for the night by picking a song on the excellent jukebox – a piece of personality from the pub is imprinted on everyone from the moment you walk in.

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