Introducing: Pom Kitchen

New vegetarian and vegan eatery on the block Pom Kitchen has pitched up on Sharrowvale Road serving Australian-inspired dishes.

Pom Kitchen is reimagining vegetarian and vegan food in the best way possible: through colour. The interior décor (courtesy of sister company Pom Design & Interior just a couple doors down) is effortless in its simplicity. White chairs and wooden tables make up the furnishings, and small infusions of colour from the potted plants and vivid pink menus help to capture the vibrant personality of the business and its owners.

But each of the dishes, whether it’s the North African Chorba laden with chickpeas and served with warm focaccia, or any of their rainbow salads containing gently cooked vegetables such as griddled asparagus, kale, cranberries, Mexican sweet potato, feta, and a whole host of other ingredients, validates that it isn’t just the interior design that brings colour to the kitchen. They change their rainbow boards/bowls daily along with their hot dish of the day and jaffle special (that’s a toastie for us Sheffield folk)! For a guilt-free and dairy-free sweet treat, definitely give their Froconuts a go – a coconutty firm favourite!

The trio behind the scenes, supplier Elly Blackwell, owner Zora Hamaidia, and manager Lois Waite, are certainly blurring the lines between the common misconception that vegetarian and vegan food is boring and tasteless.

“We take great pride in offering friendly, engaging service combined with a thoughtfully designed aesthetic. The menu at Pom is dedicated to producing clean, natural vegetarian food that be can be enjoyed at any time of the day,” says Lois.

For more information about Pom Kitchen, click here.

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