Get Your Festive Brekkie On!

Pickled Pair grabs brekkie at Brocco and Sheff’s Twitterati prove it’s not all about the Turkey in their December tw’Eats.

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you are looking for somewhere a bit special you won’t go far wrong if you head over to new place, Brocco on the Park. This former guest house located at Hunters Bar and on the edge of Endcliffe Park has been transformed by owner Tiina Carr into a gorgeous city retreat complete with a beautiful and relaxed neighbourhood kitchen open to all from 7.30 in the morning. It is the perfect stopping-off post after a festive walk through the park – there’s even a dog bowl out on the terrace and wellies are welcomed (I can vouch for this!).

I’ve been a few times and what I really like about Brocco is its laid-back attention to detail – everything is chilled and relaxed, yet nothing has been left to chance thanks to Tiina and front of house dynamo, Jenni. It’s a hard combo to get right and yet Brocco makes it appear effortless.


Just as you’d like with a neighbourhood gaff, there are plenty of people popping in and out – friends sharing a pot of a tea, locals calling in for a quick bacon sandwich, guests indulging in a glass of champagne. It’s all going on and yet none of it feels out of place.

The morning I went was for a breakfast meeting, which sounds a bit power-crazed 80’s so do please allow me to set the scene; I was reconvening with two foodies from the Sustainable Restaurant Association to show them the food and farming delights of Sheffield (more on this sustainability epic in my January post). I turn up in my wellies and old jumper, and put my 20 year old banger in the car park bringing in quite a lot of mud from the previous day’s farm visit. Neither Jenni or Tiina bat an eyelid so you get a feel for what I mean about laid-back charm!

Leslie (Brocco’s chef) has come up with a really creative and seasonal good-for-you breakfast menu – it’s everything you dream of making at home but rarely have the time to. Yoghurt is homemade, smoothies are super-charged, porridge and eggs any way you like. I started with a glass of water and a cappuccino, and then decided on the baked eggs with salmon and avocado. So good. Eggs were just right and still a bit runny. Nestling underneath was the creamiest mashed avocado, and smoked salmon from JH Manns on Sharrowvale Road. When we were done and charging up with one more coffee, Jenni brought over a basket of warm Pulla breads. Oh my! These yeasty cinnamon and cardamom buns are a dream on a cold, wintery morning. If I’d had Mr D in tow he would have demolished the lot. As it was, we managed a rather respectable two.

Open 0730 – 2030 for all day grazing.

Mr D’s home-cured Gravlax – our Christmas morning tradition with a glass or two of the bubbly stuff.

Let’s be honest though, not many of us will have the luxury of eating out for breakfast on Christmas morn. The fam will be coming over, you’ve got stockings to open and there’s a mountain of wrapping paper building up on the couch where granny will be sitting in about two hours time. There’s cranberry sauce to get going (do I add orange zest or cloves or both?), what about the bread sauce, will anyone notice if I use shop-bought? Everyone’s getting hungry.
So, what do you have for breakfast after the jolly man has been? Well, we asked Sheff’s Twitterati to share their favourite Crimbo brekkies and they have come up with some crackers. From smoked salmon to bacon butties, it’s all here in their December tw’Eats:

Pic shared by Gavin Brown on Twitter

Hedgerow Preserves
It has to be full English bacon & sausages from @MossValley finished off with Christmas Marmalade from Hedgerow
Moya Sketchley
Chocolate coins and clementine. Washed down with a glass of bucksfizz
Jane Stammers
Hubby usually makes creamy scrambled egg with smoked salmon and #fizz while listening to #Quadrophenia #Christmas tradition
Lizzie Baker
We’re at mums so it will be chocolate coins & bucks fizz followed by a full English & more fizz when everyone is awake
Eten Café Sheffield
Mr Pickles’
Smoked salmon and scrambled egg parcels or croissants filled with ham and gruyere…& plenty of coffee
Marianne Farrell
Fizz, croissants and this year some @KelhamIslandWI sparkly marmalade
Gavin Brown
I am having @RosesTheBakers bread & @MossValley bacon & @OurCowMolly in my @YorkshireTea & @SheffieldHoney
Old Glasshouse Café
2 free range poached eggs on toast before we go mountain biking for some fresh air J J J

Big thanks to all our Sheffield tw’Eaters for sharing their splendid Christmas breakfasts and traditions.
Buon Natale, Helen

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