Bonfire Tw’Eats

This month, as well as the easiest beans on the planet to make your bonfire night go with a bang, I also asked Sheffield’s Twitterati to share their favourite eats and they came up with some corkers.

Tw’Eats (regular foodie thoughts from Sheffield’s Twitterati)

Josie Ellis @josie_ellis
My mum & dad have been doing a bonfire for 40yrs now. My mum’s pie, peas and gravy is pretty infamous wi friends and family
Porter Brook Deli @porterbrookdeli
Zander’s toffee is amazing.
Cindy Cheung @missiecindz
Can’t beat a fab Chilli, & Treacle toffee!
Claire @cswaffs
We ate Ready Brek and drank Bovril post-fireworks!
Ros Arksey @Nibbly_Pig
I like a bit of gingery parkin.
Clare Tollick @FeastAndGlory
Don’t do bonfire night but if I did it’d be chilli!
Regather Co-op @ReggieRegather
Pumpkin pie + cinnamon whipped cream?
Starmore Boss @StarmoreBoss
Tatties wrapped in foil & straight in the fire. Heaven.

Thanks tw’Eaters for sharing the scoff and nostalgia.

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