Mixing With The Best: The Sheffield Cocktail Guide

Whilst there are many in the Exposed office that love nothing more than to bang on about the real ale scene in Sheffield and the delights of supping ‘a proper pint in a proper pub’, it’s also worth noting that the city boasts some of the most unusual, innovative and downright delicious cocktails around. So if a frothy hoppy tipple is not your drink of choice when it comes to boozy beverages, have a gander at our guide by way of introduction to the city’s burgeoning cocktail scene or learn how to make Pina Colada.

We approached a handful of the best mixers in the city and asked for a run-down of one of their in-house creations to give you a taste of what the more discerning drinker can find amongst these seven hills.

The Sheffield Cocktail Guide:

Name: Old Tom’s Victorian Lemonade
What’s in it? Hayman’s Old Tom gin, lemon juice, ginger and lemongrass cordial.
What does it taste like? A wonderfully refreshing and simple cocktail combining the nostalgia of freshly squeezed old fashioned lemonade with the added bonus of a dash of smooth, full-flavoured gin.
Price: £5.95.

Bloo 88BLOO 88
Name: Pear and Ginger Martini
What’s in it? The finest pear vodka and ginger wine with a hint of lime and apple.
What does it taste like? The taste is reminiscent of a warm autumn evening. Inspired by the long summer evenings, our GM wanted to create something refreshing yet warming. So around five years ago he began experimenting with different flavours and – thus – the Pear and Ginger Martini was born.
Price:£6, but you can get two for £9 during Happy Hour.

Name: Turkish Delight
What’s in it? Tanqueray, Lichi-Li, rose water, lychee Juice
What does it taste like? As you would expect it tastes just like its namesake and is a solid favourite at Anchorage. It’s even garnished with Turkish Delight.
Price: £5.90
Any offers? You can get £2 off cocktails during Happy Hour.

Name: The Beet Goes On
What’s in it? Beetroot juice, Laphroaig, lemon, sugar
What does it taste like? The Beet Goes On was created in-house by one of our great bartenders and has a real kick to it, mixing smokey Laphroaig with the sharp but sweet taste of beetroot. It tastes as impressive as it looks.
Price: £7.50
Any offers? You can get £2 off cocktails between 4-9pm, Monday – Friday.

Name: Mexican Breakfast
What’s in it? Don Fulano Fuerte Silver Overproof Tequila, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, fresh yellow grapefruit juice and marmalade.
What does it taste like? Based on the breakfast martini, the Mexican Breakfast is sharp and tangy, balanced with sweet orange zest from the marmalade and maraschino. The spice shines through from the powerful 100% agave tequila.
Price: £6.50 or £4.50 during Oct.

Augustus SourDAISY’S
Name: Augustus Sour
What’s in it? Bulleit bourbon, plum sake, fresh plum and lemon.
What does it taste like? This drink is from our September- November cocktail menu and we wanted to include fresh plums as they are in season and absolutely delicious. Bourbon and plum is a great flavour combination. We added Japanese plum sake to add a rich, sweetness.
Price: £7.

Name: Peppermint Mocha
What’s in it? Kahlua coffee liqueur, Crème de menthe, Absolut Vanilla, chocolate sauce, milk, cream and mint.
What does it taste like? Like a mint Aero bar but with an alcoholic twist. Very creamy, if you like Bailey’s you’ll like this. It’s very easy to forget that there’s alcohol in it, which can be lethal. What more can we say?
Price: £5.75 and £4 during Happy Hour.

Name: Espresso Martini
What’s special about it? At the Old House we add slightly more espresso than the famous Dick Bradsell recipe calls for, which gives ours an extra kick as well as a luxurious fluffy muffin top head of delicious sweet coffee foam. This keeps your cocktail fresh and makes it delightfully creamy.
What’s in it? We lovingly blend piping hot fresh espresso (has to be fresh to avoid that bitterness that comes from old coffee), premium vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur and vanilla-infused sugar syrup and shake it very hard with high quality ice to mix.
Price: £6, but goes down to £4.50 Monday-Friday from 5-9pm, as well as from 5pm-2am Thursdays and 8pm-1am Sundays.

Name: Don Felipe Fizz
What’s in it? Tapatio Blanco tequila, Briottet creme de cassis, agave, mint, cucumber and lemon, topped with Prosecco.
What’s it all about? We named the drink aft er Don Felipe Camarena, founder of the Tapatio tequila distillery. This drink is fresh and sparkling. At The Gatsby, we’re all big fans of tequila but this fizz is a good intro for those who are unsure.
Price: £8.

Name: South Facing
What’s in it? Bulleit Bourbon, Briottet Apricot Liqueur, fresh nectarine, honey, mint, basil and lemon.
What does it taste like? We wanted to complement the orange and vanilla notes from the bourbon so we paired it with the apricot, nectarine and honey and upped the freshness with the addition of mint and basil. It makes for a beautifully balanced drink.
Price: £7.

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