Meat-Free Mondays: Sheffield’s Veggie Hotspots

In case you haven’t heard of it ‘Meat-Free Mondays’ is a campaign to get people to go at least one day a week without eating any meat at all. With celebrities like Paul McCartney and Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) backing the not-for-profit movement, the aim is to help people arrive at a cleaner and healthier future, one day at a time.

The benefits of cutting down on meat consumption are endless. From reducing  greenhouse gas emissions, helping to alleviate world hunger, preventing up to 18,000 early deaths every year and keeping more pounds in your pockets; it’s no-brainer. So to get you started, here’s a list of 10 places in Sheffield that have hit the veggie nail on the head.

The Grind Café

This café has a brand-new breakfast menu just in time for Meat-Free Mondays including granola, fresh fruit and plenty of salads. The restaurant has won the Café Culture Award at Eat Sheffield and a couple of our very own Exposed Awards to boot, so you know it’s  got a firm stamp of approval. You can find The Grind at Kelham Island, 3 Green Lane, S3 8ST.


Twisted Burger Co

You might already be familiar with Twisted Burger at The Harley but if you’re not, their colossal creations are a must-try. Twisted offer specials that change every month, with a free giveaway for each one… For a Meat-Free Monday option, there’s vegetarian and vegan burgers including the vegan BBQ jackfruit which can be accompanied by a choice of three ‘Dead Twisted’, brand-new sauces to slather it in, courtesy of Drop Dead Co. Everything is locally sourced and freshly made to order.


The Depot Bakery

This urban-chic bakery at 92 Burton Road is the perfect destination to start off your Meat-Free Monday; they have everything from sourdough breads to bagels, salads, eggs benedict and a whole range of cakes to get you going.


The Shy Boy Cantina at The Great Gatsby

Shy Boy Cantina are renowned for their unique approach to Mexican street food and they’re certainly not ones to hold back when it comes to inventing their veggie options. Why not try the aubergine, peanut and coriander aioli taco with a side of sweet potato and squash fritters? Bag yourself two tacos for £5.50 or branch out with a large plate – their wild mushroom quesadilla is second to none.


Kelham Wine Bar

A small wine bar/coffee shop/kitchen set up on Ball Street, but don’t underestimate the size of this fairly recent addition. The menu is small but diverse, offering plenty of sandwiches and specials. Their spiced butternut squash salad with pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and a scrumptious dressing makes for a perfect Meat-Free Monday lunch.


The Blue Moon Café

As a specialist vegetarian and vegan restaurant on St James Row, this café has won awards for its meat-free fare. The café opened in 1995 and its success has continued to grow as one of the best value eateries in the city, with a main and a drink often costing less than a tenner. If you’re looking for a Meat-Free Monday that’s a little easier on your budget then this is absolutely the restaurant to check out. Don’t miss their vegan banana cake if you’ve got room for dessert.


The Incredible Nutshell

If you don’t want to splash the cash on eating out, this vegan-centric shop has plenty of food and drink to choose from to make your own Meat-Free meal at home. Located in Heeley, it is Sheffield’s first and only completely vegan grocery store. Everything is eco-friendly too; take a break from the big supermarkets and switch to this local independent offering for something different.



With freshly made falafal, halloumi, deep-fried cauliflower, aubergine and an artfully stocked salad bar plus freshly squeezed juices; the wraps and salad boxes at Fanoush ensure a sizeable queue most lunchtimes on Pinstone Street. They also have venues on London Road and in Broomhill.


All Siam Thai Restaurant

Traditional, elegant and delicious; the All Siam Thai restaurant can be found on Ecclesall Road and offers a Meat-Free Monday feast in the most classy of dining rooms. Stir-fried tofu, deep-fried aubergines, spring rolls with mushrooms and crunchy vegetables are just a few of delicious dishes on offer here. There’s even 10% off takeaway orders plus free prawn crackers.


Pure on Raw

A diverse menu that’s full of healthy juices, fruits and everything you need to enjoy a healthy, plant based diet. Pure On Raw even offer a juice-cleanse programme lasting 3,6 or 12 days, for those that want to take Meat-Free Mondays that one step further…


Honourable Mentions

These guys aren’t always open on a Monday but they still pack a delicious, veggie punch so be sure to try them out any other day of the week.

The Bhaji Shop

Kelham Island, Sheffield. An Indian Thali restaurant filled with friendly staff, outdoor seating and plenty of sticky paneer to go around.

Forge Bakehouse

Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield. Grilled cheeses, baked eggs and French toast are the perfect way to start of any day. The lunch menu is always changing so it’s worth popping back often!

World Peace Café

Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield. Vegetarian and vegan snacks and meals are on offer here. Naturally, you’ll find a very chilled and calm atmosphere – there’s even a meditation room.

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