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Steam Yard is selling the record-breaking ‘best coffee in the world’ for one day only

“Multifaceted inspiration, erotic innervation, epiphany, possibility, femininity” – these are just some of the genuine tasting notes for world competition-winning coffee Lot 227. Can a coffee really be that good? You can judge for yourself this Thursday. 

One of our favourite Sheffield coffee houses Steam Yard is linking up with speciality coffee roasters Dark Woods for a very special in-store event this Thursday 19 October. Alongside their usual offerings, Dark Woods coffee will feature on the counter and in a pop up hand-brew bar.

Their star attraction is the world famous coffee ‘Lot 227’ – which is already being called a “coffee that changes everything”.

Used by the 2017 Brewers Cup competition winner Chad Wang, 227 is the highest scoring coffee ever in the World Coffee Review, gaining 97 points (we assume out of 100).

It’s received so much attention that its importers, Ninety Plus, now have to auction the coffee off to the highest bidder rather than sell it due to the high demand. Just one kilogram has fetched a record-breaking $5,000 (£3,800.50).

Ninety Plus say Lot 227 is “one of the most impressive and transformative coffees Ninety Plus has ever produced” as it’s made with a natural “Purple” Gesha (coffee originating from the Gesha village in Ethiopia) and processed with a range of pioneering fermentation methods.

Steam Yard say: “Opportunities to roast and taste coffee like this don’t come around very often and we are delighted that our friends at Dark Woods have given us the opportunity to share it with you.”

They’ll also be showcasing a Panama coffee from Dark Woods partner Pedro Moss at La Huella on batch brew, and on guest espresso they have Aricha Natural Yirgecheffe from Ethiopia.

The in-store event will take place at Steam Yard (Division Street, Sheffield) this Thursday 19th October 2017 | 930am – 5pm (Free entry)

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