Introducing Pellizco by Pinch N Pull: Bringing Mexican street food to Kelham Island

Over the last few months, Pinch n Pull has gone through a bit of a rebrand into Pellizco whilst pitching up at Kelham Island’s Steel Yard. We spoke to owner Danny to get the skinny…

It can’t have been an easy few months for Pinch N Pull, which has recently undergone a rebrand into Pellizco. How have you adapted to the current climate?
Unfortunately it hasn’t. We have adapted, however, reopening our doors as a takeaway and delivery service based on the end of my drive! We’re also serving through City Grab and food is available for collection. This hasn’t stopped us planning for the future, though, and as you mentioned, we have just finished our rebrand that will see us moving more into Mexican cuisine – so we decided we should look the part with a new unit, logo and name, ‘Pellizco’. From 18 June we will be taking up a semi-permanent residency at the Steelyard in Kelham Island, joining a number of vendors already pitched up there. So it’s the same concept and same ownership for us, just a new look and a brand new trailer.

Tell us what you guys are all about.
Our aim is to provide a combination of some classic Mexican flavours, using specialist ingredients that are not so readily available in this country. We combine that with our own twist on things, using cooking techniques learned from years in the professional kitchen, locally sourced ingredients and worldwide flavours.

What first turned you on to the idea of Mexican fusion food?
Funnily enough, it was a trip to Liverpool that set things going! We were already operating Pinch N’ Pull, but at the time kind of bouncing from concept to concept but never sticking with one. I ate at a Mexican restaurant called Lucha Libre with my girlfriend and we fell in love with tacos, and from then on I just said this is what I want to do.

Could you let us in on the secret to the perfect burrito?
Our burritos aren’t what I would call traditional, in that we don’t use rice, but I find ensuring the fillings are well seasoned, balanced with plenty of salsa, and
finishing off on the grill to crisp the tortilla makes the world of difference.

What else can people find on your City Grab menu?
Mexican fried chicken! Our latest dish is the MFC Burger, marinated in achiote, fried in our own recipe batter using masa harina – the same Mexican flour used to make tacos – and served on a toasted brioche bun with pickled pink onions, chipotle mayo, coriander, crispy lettuce and finished by melting applewood smoked cheddar over the top. We also serve it as tacos, burritos and as a side. The best part is that using a combination of masa harina and corn flour makes it completely gluten-free. // @pellizcouk

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