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Inox Dine – A Celebration of Truffles

A graduate from the University of Sheffield who has cultivated the first ever truffle on British soil celebrated his scientific break-through by serving up a unique trio of dishes at Inox Dine. In collaboration with Master Chef of Great Britain, Joe Berry who is also the restaurant’s head chef, the event showcased the precious ingredient, celebrating the earthy and distinctive odour of the exotic delicacy.


We eagerly awaited the arrival of our starter and were not disappointed when the dish graced our table. It’s no secret that cauliflower and cheese go well together, but add truffle into the mix and you’ve hit the absolute jackpot. The Old Winchester cheese custard was presented similarly to a panna cotta, wobbling delicately on my plate before I dug in. It was ludicrously rich and creamy, married together with all the varied textures of cauliflower and earthy hits of truffle from the freshly shaved summer truffle and flavoursome puree – I was in culinary heaven and anxious to taste the next course.

Inox Dine truffle starterMain course

The main course arrived and I was stunned by the presentation.  I gazed at the plate and referred to the menu again to pick out the components of the masterpiece before me.  The waitress grated a generous helping of truffles onto my dish once again and the flavour was so wickedly pungent and mature.  It both complimented and contrasted with the rest of the flavours, particularly the pork and apple.  The pork was cooked to perfection, a little salty, very tender and on the rarer side. My favourite element of the dish has to be the salt baked truffle swede which had a pulled pork with stuffing-esque texture and was very pleasing to the taste buds.


Dessert is definitely my favourite part of a meal.  To the naked eye, the dessert was basically jelly and ice cream.  A throwback to children’s birthday parties.   But this was much more than that.  Pieces of soft and subtle pear and popcorn laid within the jelly, creating amazing contrast of flavour.  I wouldn’t have ever considered putting these flavours together.  My fellow diners could taste subtle notes of truffle in the ice cream, but sadly I couldn’t detect it.  However, it was still delicious with the chewy wafer and cinnamon doughnut.  The execution of the dessert was perfect, a surprise mix of flavours to satisfy the sweet tooth.

1610998_10153667906068398_7592275130022608129_nWe had an awesome evening of eclectic flavours and a nice education on truffles.  I have since learned more about the very expensive nuggets of delight.  This was no doubt the aim of the evening – I left wanting to know more about truffles, every morsel of food that passed my lips was analysed and my taste buds were dancing with every bite.  Truly some of the best food I have ever had and a wonderful fine dining experience.

Keep an eye on the Sheffield restaurants website for upcoming events, book in for afternoon tea and have a casual lunch.  At 3 courses for £15, it’s a bargain.

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