Host like a pro: Rafters restaurant to offer cooking masterclasses

Mageirocophobia, or fear of cooking, is something most of us will have experienced to some degree (especially if your culinary creations have an audience). Lucky then that high-end Sheff restaurant Rafters is seeking to turn us into hosting and home cooking pro’s with a series of masterclasses with their Chef-Patron Tom Lawson.

Taking place in their development kitchen, a special zone for experimenting, Lawson will guide you through preparing your chosen speciality, ending up with a three-course lunch in the restaurant.

We can certainly think of worse ways to spend a Saturday morning. Here’s what you can sign up for:

28th April and 21st July – Bread & Homemade Butter 
Knowing how to make good bread and butter is, well, the bread and butter of cooking skills. In this class you’ll learn the secrets to making “Rafters Signature Bread” at home. An impressive starter for guests, or if you just want to take your toast to the next level.

5th May – Canape Party
With no bulky carbs to hide behind, and the added pressure of making your food look as good as it tastes, canapes can be pretty daunting. Tom will walk you through 5 canapes sure to wow even the most judgemental of guests.

19th May – 3-Course Dinner Party
If you’re the sort of person who reads 200 recipes, panics, and goes back to making the same lasagne again when friends come over, this session might be for you. Tom will guide you through 3 ‘stress-free’ dishes perfect for entertaining.

2nd  June – A Taste of the Sea
70-odd miles from the nearest beach, you might be forgiven for not knowing how to perfectly shell a fresh crab in Sheffield. This session will get you confident with the best ways of perfectly preparing and cooking fish and shellfish.

30th June – Just Desserts
Sorted with your mains but needing to up your afters game? Let Tom teach you some tasty desserts to whip up at home.

7th July – Food and Wine Pairing
Getting the right bottle for your meal is a bit of an art, learn the rules in this session with Certified Sommelier Alistair where you’ll be tasting and drinking along. Who said learning couldn’t be fun? (This session £130 instead of £100).

4th August – Alternative BBQ
A barbecue doesn’t have to be basic, this class will give you some novel ideas for what to throw on the barbie.

18th August – Gadgets and Gizmos
Got a super high-tech slicer you’ve never used out of fear? Or want to know what to buy to help you out in the kitchen? This session will help you get to grips with how to use kitchen tech right.

Masterclasses are £100 per person, with the exception of the wine class which is £130. Call Rafters on 0114 2304819 to book your place. 

Masterclasses start at 11 am with coffee & treats with lunch served from 1.00 pm // allow 1 1/2 – 2 hours for lunch // extra lunch places are available at £35 per person // 8 guests per each session – get in touch with Rafters if you want to request more // bookings available for 1-8 guests per session, first come first served // full non-refundable payment upon booking.


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