Hendos old building

Cheers! Hendo’s building to be made into Uni pub

The old home of Sheffield’s famous sauce on Leavygreave Road is set to be given a new lease of life as a university pub.

The Henderson’s Relish factory has been a recognisable landmark of Sheffield University campus and the city since opening in the 19th century and had been centre of the relish’s production until 2013 when they relocated to a new site in Parkway Business Park.

Hendos pub

The University of Sheffield purchased the former factory in the summer from the Church Burgess Trust and has now released plans to turn the building into a pub. The plan is to pay tribute to the local delicacy by keeping the iconic signage up and to display some of the company’s history inside. Local architects have been invited to submit designs which retain the original building at its core.

The new pub will form part of the university’s new city centre campus. It is likely to be open to the public next year.

See www.sheffield.ac.uk for more.

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