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The finest sushi in town: Edo Sushi @ Cutlery Works reviewed

As the dust settles on the opening of indoor market Cutlery Works we thought we’d take a closer look at one of the more high-end eateries in the shape of Edo Sushi. The Japanese food specialists have served much of Sheffield out of their High Court premises as well as both the universities since 2011. Originally the dream of two school friends born and bred in the Steel City, Edo Sushi now boasts authentic Japanese cuisine, sustainably sourced produce and a Tokyo trained chef – there’s no doubt that it’s some of the freshest seafood in Yorkshire. We thought it was high time we sent someone down to taste their expansive menu of Japanese tapas, sushi and saké. 

Kubota Senju (Saké, 15%)
This light rice wine came highly recommended and went down a treat, smooth as you like and whetted our appetites nicely.
Salmon Avocado Rolls
(Salmon, avocado, yuzu tobiko (caviar), mayo, sesame seeds)
Starting with a classic and being blown away was a great start to the meal. Room temperature sushi is always a good indicator of very fresh fish, and these babies were bang on. Not too tightly packed, and beautifully delicate, the wasabi packed a serious punch too, in a good way.
Softshell Crab Rolls
(Futomaki style roll with softshell crab tempura, tobiko, avocado & Japanese Sauce)
After some palate cleansing ginger we moved onto these treats, which upped the ante with the crunchy crab tempura stealing the show. The seaweed was crunchy too, always a good sign of sushi being recently rolled.
Godzilla Roll (pictured at the top of the article)
(Grilled eel, prawn katsu, tobiko, spring onions & Japanese Sauce)
This mammoth sushi roll topped with so much caviar we felt like royalty, and their reputation as Edo Sushi’s best seller was no surprise. They were quite the mouthful, but everything came together into a glorious godzilla-sized bite of fresh goodness.
Prawn Katsu (above)

These Panko-crumbed king prawns were a highlight, rich yet light, crunchy and delicate.

Pumpkin Croquette
These croquettes were delicious and crunchy on the outside while dense and sweet on the in – we’d happily have had a whole bowl for dinner! They came with an incredibly more-ish sticky Tonkatsu sauce that was to die for.
(Octopus dough balls, bonito flakes, spring onions & Japanese sauce)
By far the richest thing we ate, these balls were comfort food on every level. Soft, warm, gooey and a favourite in Japanese street food, they filled us up so much we couldn’t even finish them. I’ll be returning to gorge on these next time I’m ravenous.
Sparkling Saké (5%)
This refreshing drink rounded off the meal nicely, and tasted like a sake version of prosecco. Highly recommended!

Edo Sushi will forever be a standout at Cutlery Works and in the Sheffield restaurant scene, and we’ll definitely be heading to their takeaway in town to pick up a £5 lunch box!

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