Food review: Wokie Box Sheffield

Wokie Box is the latest venture from the lovely folk behind city-centre, Szechuan-inspired Chinese restaurant China Red, and if you’ve already checked out their Rockingham Gate restaurant, you’ll be well acquainted with the exquisite Asian cuisine they have on offer.

The Furnival Gate venue offers more of the same, but with a twist on the familiar concept of Chinese food in a takeout box (something I longed for after watching episodes of Friends in the 90s!). Cooked quickly in a wok over a high heat, the takeaway noodles are married with their familiar, refined touch.

Wokie Box

Think of it as China Red’s little sister venue, perfect for lunches, takeaways, or a quick bite to eat at teatime.

The menu, which is displayed above the counter, is fully customisable; you simply pick your favourite type of noodles, protein or veg, and enjoy with your pick of delicious Asian sauce and toppings. If you find the choice overwhelming you can let them do the thinking and select one of their Special Boxes. There’s also a range of popular Asian sides, ranging from satay skewers and crispy wonton, to salt and pepper chips and tempura prawns.

As we chose to eat in, we are presented our food on plates in the comfortable restaurant setting, not far from the whir of the kitchen and the firing woks.

We’re presented with Singapore vermicelli noodles, Sweet and sour vegan chicken and rice, spring rolls, vegetable gyoza and prawn toast on the side.

Wokie Box

We’ve opted to share the dishes and we get stuck into the vermicelli noodles, which have a warming Singapore spicing, and the sweet and sour vegan chicken, which is sticky, sweet and packed with flavour. The sauce that comes with the vegetable spring rolls adds a fiery touch and is my favourite of what’s on offer.

At around £9 a box, it’s perfect for an indulgent lunch that will leave you well set up for the afternoon ahead.

Wokie Box
S1 4QP

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