Food review: Fire Pit BBQ

The Place
Working at Exposed, you don’t often get thrown a food review. The big cheeses tend to steak a clam to them (okay, that’s the last of the food-related puns). So, imagine my surprise when the biggest of big cheeses (Phil, if you must know) asked if I’d like to go along to Fire Pit, on West Street and report back.

‘Do bears eat Popes in the woods?’ I responded.
‘Is that a yes, then? I’ll come with you.’

Let’s admit some bias here. Fire Pit is my kind of place because it’s meat-centric. Meat is something that has featured less and less as small children, consciousness of mortality, and beansprouts have loomed large in my life. So, I was looking forward to unchaining my inner carnivore and meeting the meat, as Zaphod Beeblebrox once said. I was expecting great things and I wasn’t disappointed.

The décor could best be described as post-modern ironic meets classic chic: think seat covers that wouldn’t look out of place on a 1970’s Routemaster, lots of stripped wood, and steely flashes. Once sat, we turned our attention to the reason for our visit.

The Food
To kick things off we went straight past the standard starters and ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings and Brisket Burnt Ends. Dipped in home-made BBQ sauce, the brisket came across as rich, dark, and succulent with a lingering sweetness. They were nicely contrasted by the Buffalo wings. Southern fried and then tossed in Frank’s Buffalo Sauce these were zesty, peppy, and lip-smackingly good.

To get a good cross-section in my companion then plumped for a Fire-Pit Dog – a peppery little number that came slathered in three cheese sauce, fiery beef chili, jalapenos and a hot sauce – while I ordered the 10oz rib-eye. After a little confusion over my ‘rare to medium-rare’ over-finicky request regarding my rib-eye, we got stuck in. Phil’s Fire-Pit Dog lived up to its name – spicy, moreish, and with a kick – while my steak was meat perfection. The peppercorn sauce I’d nominated complimented the rich smoky flavour of a fine, fine piece of meat.

Served on trays the size of an A4 envelope folder, however, even hearty trenchermen like Phil and I failed to clear them – and boy, did we try! Stuffed and replete, there was simply no way that we could contemplate pudding … until we were served a selection from the dessert menu. Miraculously, we found space, largely because the American Cheesecake was delicious with the Carrot Cake and Cookie Dough with Ice Cream a close second.

The Verdict
Go, but be warned. Go hungry – they go LARGE!

Firepit BBQ
138 West St, Sheffield S1 4ES
0114 249 8151

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