Food Review: Deliverd

We tried out Sheffield’s new healthy and tasty takeaway 

The Place
The whole city! Online catering service Deliverd make use of Sheffield’s chefs and kitchens to bring you healthy, affordable meals delivered directly to you, whether at home or at work. After browsing the website through their list of mouth-watering meals, we thought it was about time we had a decent lunch at Exposed HQ, rather than relying on the usual scoffing of half a packet of hobnobs. Their online system allows you to order multiple meals in advance, so we had two sent to the office on a Tuesday afternoon, then foreseeing a lazy night the following Thursday, booked one to be sent to home that evening. You could literally order all of your week’s meals in one go if you so wished.

The Food
At the moment Deliverd only have a set menu in place – they will be rolling out their app and partnering up with more local kitchens over the coming months but are testing the waters with one meal a day as it stands. But this is a good thing; by not doing too much too quickly, they have perfected the formula and the dishes all look phenomenal. Tuesday’s meal was Moroccan chicken thigh with harissa spice, quinoa, roasted pepper, tomato, carrots, red onions and chickpeas with a coriander and lime sauce. The meals arrived in boxes with a comprehensive list of ingredients, nutrition info and allergens on the package. It could be eaten hot or cold, but we decided to follow the instructions and zap it in the microwave to add some extra heat to the spicy dish. The aromatic chicken was beautifully tender and the fresh and zingy sauce complemented the chilli and cumin flavours wonderfully. The dishes were incredibly generous on portion sizes too, leaving us well and truly satisfied (and falling asleep at our desks).
Thursday’s ‘Protein Salmon’ was equally tasty, consisting of a salmon fillet with puy lentils, green and edamame beans, flaked almonds, cherry tomatoes and a boiled egg. Flavoured with garam masala, wholegrain mustard, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it was absolutely delicious – and nutritious! Not having a microwave at home (stone age, I know) I had this one cold, which I think might have actually been better.

The Verdict
While it may initially seem odd to have to heat your own meal, it actually makes total sense. Unlike your average takeaway the food doesn’t arrive lukewarm, greasy or spoiled from the journey. It’s chilled so you can have it whenever you want, and most of the meals can be eaten cold if you prefer anyway. The instructions couldn’t be simpler – there are even tips on how to plate it perfectly! At just £4 a meal including delivery, we were left wondering why we would ever cook again.

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