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Food Review: Fear X Loathing

We popped along to Fear X Loathing on West Street to sample their juicy burger menu.

Address: 101 West St, Sheffield S1 4EQ
Tel: 07900 933732 www.fxlsheffield.com

The Place
A newbie on West Street, Fear X Loathing keeps things simple. Still in the early stages, the burger bar is testing the waters with a list of just four burgers on the menu at the moment, plus a daily special or two. The décor is also understated, going for a modern ‘industrial chic’ kind of style, though still inviting enough as we take our seats at a table by the window.

The Food
Taking the opportunity one Friday afternoon to nip out of the office and try the place for ourselves, the four of us decided to go for one of each of the burgers on the menu. The cheese burger involved an aged beef patty, cooked pink to perfection with minced onion, lettuce, pickle and ‘juicy sauce’, smothered in melted cheese served on a brioche bun. The second burger went one further with the addition of crispy smoked bacon. A slightly lighter option, the juicy chicken patty burger came with cheese, spinach, tomato, herb crème fraiche and delicious chilli jam. Veggies won’t be disappointed either with the Portobello mushroom burger served with halloumi, spinach, tomato herb crème fraiche, chilli jam and hummus – undoubtedly one of the tastiest vegetarian options going and certainly not an afterthought to the menu. Each burger is attributed with a prefix of ‘juicy’ on the menu, and this is probably the most apt word to describe the food at Fear X Loathing; the flavours from the sauce and accompaniments are outstanding, without detracting from the burgers themselves, which obviously remain the stars of the show.

Fear X Loathing burgerThere was also the option of the mighty Fear X Loathing Christmas burger, which combined chicken, seasoned sausage, smoked bacon, cheese, stuffing, lettuce, mayo, cranberry, port chutney and a pig in blanket to top it all off. As tempting as this sounded, no one was brave enough to take it on when an afternoon of work beckoned. The only activity you’ll be doing after taking on this monster is a nap.

The Verdict
A capsule menu is no bad thing. By limiting it while starting out, Fear X Loathing are able to perfect each dish and offer up succulent mouth-watering burgers every time.

Opening hours: Tues-Thurs: 12:00 – 00:00, Fri: 12:00 – 01:00, Sat: 12:00 – 02:00.

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