Famous beer returning to the Frog & Parrot

Exposed has been let in on plans currently underway to reintroduce the famed “Roger and Out” to The Frog & Parrot. 

Once billed as the strongest beer in the world, the barley wine style ale was notably served in thirds and certificates would be handed out for those able to finish it. The drink gained cult status during the 80s/90s and stood at an unnerving 16.9% ABV upon entering the Guinness World Book of Records in 1988.

Owner Nick Simmonite told Exposed: “Yes, we’re currently working with Dead Parrot Brewery at doing a full brew of Roger and Out, which for those who don’t know was the world’s strongest beer when we served it back in the day and a real local legend. We’ll be making sure we get the brew right and then we’ll release it back to the city. Hopefully we can have it finished by Christmastime.”

“It were like chuffin’ cough syrup, I tell yer!” – What are your memories of Roger and Out? Let us know @ExposedMagSheff 


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