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Never ones to miss out on an opportunity for free food and booze, we jumped at the chance to spend a press afternoon at Revolución De Cuba to sample their new menu – and we were not disappointed.

Revolución De Cuba is a firm Saturday night favourite for those seeking great cocktails and good times. After recently re-vamping their menu, they invited us for an afternoon of tapas, burritos, cocktails and of course rum; let the feasting begin!

apple and raspberry mojito

First things first: we needed a cocktail. It was a particularly sizzling Friday afternoon so of course after perusing the extensive menu we opted for cocktails of the frozen variety, a classic strawberry daiquiri and Rev De Cuba’s new edition for summer the ‘Strawbana Rumrise’. Both were an equally refreshing choice but the Strawbana Rumrise was the definite winner, combining all the best flavours of summer in a tall glass – just add a bikini and hit the beach!

daiquiri + rumrise

Now feeling suitably refreshed, we were ready for some food, and Rev De Cuba did not disappoint. Cuban food is a fusion of flavours, taking the best of Spanish, Mexican and South American cuisine and blending them all into dishes packed with taste. Offering both a tapas menu and a ‘large plates’ menu, there is something on offer for everyone whatever the occasion. Obviously we sampled both, just to be thorough! Of the six tapas dishes we tried, I had two particular favourites, although it must be said that all of them were very enjoyable. If nachos are on the menu, I’ll most likely order them and Rev De Cuba’s version were faultless, the perfect balance of guac, cheese and chips. It was very difficult to share them! If you’re a huge carnivore – like me – you should definitely sink your teeth into the Albondiga Picante, the giant spicy meatball. This beef and pork meatball is, pardon the food review cliché, succulent and full of flavour.

The ‘large plates’ menu is extremely varied, and we were treated to a real selection: the Havana chicken salad, half a chicken with spicy rum sauce accompanied by sweet potato fries and marinated halloumi baked in a banana leaf. Don’t be fooled by the ‘salad’ title, the Havana chicken dish boasts a hearty portion of avocado pulled chicken accompanied by a mixture of quinoa, peppers, edamame and leaves tossed in spinach and kale dressing. This is definitely not your average salad! If you are looking for something a little different I would definitely recommend the baked halloumi, served up in a banana leaf with spicy house rice and Cuban salad. While it is probably true that you can’t go far wrong with half a roast chicken, Rev De Cuba’s version ups the ante. Smothered in the house’s special spicy rum sauce, this chicken was tender and tasty with a real kick. Served with perfectly crisp sweet potato fries, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

chicken + tapasBefore the main event, the burrito masterclass, we sampled some rum. Of course this was only a palette cleanser, you know, when in Cuba… I’ve never been a real rum drinker if I’m honest, usually only opting for the spirit when drinking mojitos and daiquiris, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect when drinking it neat. We tasted three rums: Matusalem Platino (white), Ron de Jeremy (spiced) and Gosling’s Black Seal (dark). My favourite by far was the Ron de Jeremy, whose namesake is of course the American pornstar Ron Jeremy. With its deep caramel-y flavour it was actually very drinkable and would taste great with coca cola.

Making the perfect burrito may not sound like a difficult task, but as Chef Todd showed us, the trick is in the wrap. If you fold and wrap the burrito wrong, you’re in trouble! I opted for Cuba Libre pulled pork in my burrito and I was so glad I did. The special Cuba Libre marinade was an excellent alternative to the usual BBQ offering of other restaurants and it was truly delicious. As one of Rev De Cuba’s most popular dishes, this burrito promises to satisfy every time.

burritos picWith our bellies stuffed to bursting, we were given the chance to become the bartender and mix our own cocktails. As a self-confessed cocktail connoisseur I was very excited at this prospect but trust me it’s a lot harder than it looks. Behind that polished wooden bar lies a treasure trove of spirits, fruit, ice and tools that are all key to making our favourite cocktails. As I was being sensible and driving I decided to make a ‘mocktail’ and after much deliberation selected an apple and raspberry mojito. Liam explained that the base of this cocktail is the same as the classic rum mojito, except we were substituting the rum for apple juice. Despite containing no alcohol whatsoever, this mojito was really refreshing and I would definitely recommend it if you’re playing designated driver.

Revolución De Cuba put on an excellent afternoon all around and I will definitely become a regular visitor. Who doesn’t love a little Cuban vacation every now and again?

Words: Kelsie Marsden

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